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n. Informal
One that causes wild excitement, terror, or thrills.


a hair-raising story, experience, etc.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: - excitation that makes your hair stand up or that chills your bones; "the movie was an old-fashioned hair-raiser"
excitation, excitement - something that agitates and arouses; "he looked forward to the excitements of the day"
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HAIR-RAISER Callum Gibbins, left, celebrates the win with Warriors pal Ryan Wilson
Joanne Berry, travel lawyer, Slater and Gordon March hair-raiser REGARDLESS of the rights or wrongs of the free speech issues of last Saturday's cancelled march, surely the threats made prior to that should have had a bearing on the decision to let any group "march".
This is one of the themes of his new hair-raiser, Revival.
Hill, this suspenseful hair-raiser allows the readers to explore a twisted future where corporations replace governments and humans are an expendable commodity.
The show features an eclectic mix of magicians, from gothic hair-raiser Sperry and world-class escapologist Andrew Basso to mind-bending mentalist Philip Escoffey and magic inventor Kevin James, who seems to be channelling Sonic the Hedgehog villain Dr Robotnik.
Spooks is on BBC1 Wales, tomorrow at 9pm BOYD'S HAIR-RAISER ACTOR Boyd Clack has had to shave off his trademark beard for a role in the latest Pirates of the Caribbean blockbuster.
The singer has long favoured the pudding bowl look, but back in the mid 1990s, his barnet was befitting a man who was more hellraiser than hair-raiser.
And we still have nine more months of this circus until Election Day, plenty of time for an Obama bombshell or Hillary hair-raiser.
February 11 and the Aon Chase was another hair-raiser, with Kauto again crashing through the last for a narrow verdict over L'Ami; March 17 and what the Kauto team have been working so hard for all year has been realised in the Cheltenham Gold Cup; Denman: novice chaser of the year; Authorized: top three-year-old colt; Kauto Star: horse of the year
And that, after my experience in this little hair-raiser, could well stand for Rip-Roaring.
Either side of the Irish Sea, fortune favoured Geraghty when it came to winning high-profile races last month and, although the rider blamed himself for Kicking King's Kempton hair-raiser, with punters already on-side he's bound to be forgiven.