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adj. Usage Problem
Harebrained. See Usage Note at harebrained.

[Variant of harebrained.]


a variant spelling of harebrained


or hair•brained


giddy; reckless.
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COKE HEADS Two Britishbased drug mules had a hairbrained scheme to smuggle PS175,000worth of cocaine from Jamaica to London by hiding it inside their wigs.
Not every hairbrained foodie idea was a success - caviar infused with frog spawn extract at PS100,000 a kilo sank without trace - but there was one which left an enviable impression.
It was at this point that he seemed to have hatched a hairbrained scheme.
Factor in a government so desperate to make this hairbrained scheme work that they've let any old Tom, Dick and Harry in following secretive selection processes, and you've got a recipe for disaster.
And we here in The Boot Room are no different, whether it's players taking a tumble too easily, referees being card-happy or just exasperation at another of Sepp Blatter's hairbrained ideas.
Just another hairbrained scheme for Kirklees Council to be involved in without proper consultation.
It said: "The hairbrained scheme involved chartering disused boats, paying for their conversion into a version of London's famous bus, the Routemaster, but this plan has already foundered after pilot schemes revealed that customers were walking straight off the boat and into the icy currents of the Thames.
5 million pounds is all it is going to cost the city to implement this hairbrained scheme for wheelie bins.
The Lotto fund is a cash bonanza for the hairbrained artists, crazy cinematographers and media studies dropouts who scrape a living coming up with useless ideas to squander it on.
But then, after 90 minutes which included some hairbrained short-pitched bowling from England's Jimmy Anderson, the visitors finally delivered a yorker.
If that doesn''t sound hairbrained enough, throw in a half-naked ex-Brookside actress, a stolen gun and a policeman in a washing machine.