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A style in which the hair is cut and arranged.

hair′styl′ing n.
hair′styl′ist n.


the act of styling hair
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Synopsis: As far back as recorded human history goes, hairstyling has been a timeless way for women to create something unique and express themselves.
This versatile hairstyling flat iron can be plugged on any power outlet around the world; it heats within a minute to help hairstylists, women at home or on the go to achieve silky, shiny or curly hairstyles.
The opportunity to service government accounts opens up significantly more markets throughout the region as our goal continues to be to expand sales of our Whirl-a-Style hairstyling products," states Lois J.
Selim is one of over 4,000 hairstyling professionals who participated in CHI Academy's programme.
Allen Ruiz, Aveda global artistic director, hair styling, has won the North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA) Hairstylist of the Year honor.
Neel David, a hairstylist from Nepal and the organiser of the show, said this show was dedicated to the genre of hairstyling.
The tribunal was to establish whether costs for hairstyling, clothing and cleaning costs to look good on screen could be tax deductible.
GRAFTON - Cut Ups is a small hairstyling shop tucked away on Providence Road, with the only sign alluding to its existence usually the one on the back of Anthony "Tony" J.
Six efficient hairstyling work stations and hair dryers, plus separate manicure and pedicure areas.
Created by Elan Sassoon, Mizu salons blend the finest talent in hairstyling with modern architectural aesthetic and function.
Based on the upcoming new doll line and animated movie of the same name, you can take part in a full range of activities including live music performances, a makeover station with the latest make-up and hairstyling choices, a fashion design suite plus skydiving and miniature golf to play with a friend.