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1. A blurring or spreading of light around bright areas on a photographic image.
2. A glow around a bright object on a television screen.


(Photography) photog fogging usually seen as a bright ring surrounding a source of light: caused by reflection from the back of the film
[C19: from halo + -ation]


(heɪˈleɪ ʃən, hæ-)

a blurred effect around the edges of highlight areas in a photographic image.
[1855–60; hal (o) + -ation]
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340 Lavender, fine grain motion picture film used for making duplicate black and white negatives and coated on lavender tinted base to minimise halation and prevent confusion with ordinary positive stocks.
If the stars are decidedly bright there is increase of apparent diameter of the [stellar] disc due to the phenomenon known as irradiation, the spreading of light about its true image on the retina which corresponds quite closely to the halation produced by a bright spot on a photographic plate.
While it is all Group action earlier in the day, the finale at Ascot is probably the most competitive betting heat and Halation looks to hold a decent chance at biggish odds of winning the Balmoral Handicap sponsored by QIPCO (3.
GM Hopkins is dangerous as he has extremely solid form on a straight track and won the consolation race a year ago, while Express Himself and Halation have been trained for the race.
Ladbrokes: 8 Bronze Angel, 10 GM Hopkins, Portage, 12 Abseil, Third Time Lucky, 14 Earth Drummer, 16 Early Morning, Halation, 20 bar.
The other star of the show was Jamie Spencer who enjoyed a double for Ireland on Halation (5-1) and Moonraker (8-1).
McEvoy had struck first gold for the Rest of the World team as he steered Secretinthepark (5-1) to victory in the opening Shergar Cup Dash while Spencer was on the mark aboard Halation (5-1) in the Mile and Moonraker (8-1) in the closing Sprint.
HALATION is the horse to focus on in the Coral Challenge (2.
Ralph Beckett's colt made a solid turf debut at Sandown towards the end of July when he got to within a length of the 90-rated Halation, who is progressing nicely.