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or half pipe  (hăf′pīp′, häf′-)
1. A smooth-surfaced structure shaped like a trough and used for stunts in sports such as in-line skating and snowboarding.
2. A sports event in which a halfpipe serves as the course or area of competition.


(ˈhæfˌpaɪp, ˈhɑf-)
a course shaped like the bottom half of a pipe, used for performing skateboarding or snowboarding stunts.
Also, half′-pipe`.
[1985–90, Amer.]
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Four of these half pipes that are 20 meters by 100 meters each are placed adjacent to one another, making sort of a wave-like structure, rather than one long half pipe.
Ian McCulloch, of Echo and the Bunnymen, lights up the stage A skater in the half pipe at Sefton Park Space played the final day Echo and thE Echo and thE bunnmEn bring bunnmEn bring thE day to a thE DAY TO A TRIUMPHANT END triumphant End Laura Mvula Gemma Kelly, Frida Stuart, 16 months, and Kenny Stuart take shelter from the storm Pictures by IAN COOPER, JAMES MALONEY, GAVIN TRAFFORD and DAVID MUNN
After injuring her knee on the slopes of Colorado Anna switched from half pipe to slope style.
Half pipe in store can be rented out for private parties to increase business.
Stoddard, environmental coordinator for Wachusett Mountain Ski Area, told the Wachusett Mountain Advisory Council last night there may be no half pipe for snowboarders at the ski area this winter.
The young superstars took it in turns to wow the crowds with a series of freestyle tricks and flips on the half pipe before attempting to register a perfect score with grinds and slides on the rails.
The park has the country's only Olympic-sized indoor half pipe, a ramp which allows skateboarders to perform stunts.
We've teamed up with K2 to give you the chance to win a board and bindings worth pounds 400 - and to be in with a chance, all you have to do is answer this question: In which French resort did Ben claim his British Junior Half Pipe crown?
Full pipe, half pipe, or line leakage status in pipe can he determined with the same level switch by orienting sensor-mounting positions.
Make a list of crazy-cool things you wanna try--the rock-climbing wall at the mall, a triple flip off the fee's high dive, the skate park's steepest half pipe.
She goes in the half pipe event at Park City but is dreading the constant racket of cow bells that accompanies many of the events on the slopes.
Gravity also helps him accelerate, or pick up speed, as he swoops down into the half pipe.