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With its faint, grey streaks came the savages of Bekwando, crawling up in a semicircle through the long, rough grass, then suddenly, at a signal, bounding upright with spears poised in their hands - an ugly sight in the dim dawn for men chilled with the moist, damp air and only half-awake.
Like a man half-awake in an agony of pain, he wanted to tear out, to fling away the aching place, and coming to his senses, he felt that the aching place was himself.
Lady Bertram's being just on the other side of the table was a trifle, for she might always be considered as only half-awake, and Edmund's advertisements were still of the first utility.
Still half-awake, and unable to imagine what it all might mean, I found myself hurrying madly after him through the wood, a rifle under each arm and a pile of various stores in my hands.
A steady droning sound of many men chanting each to himself some weird incantation came out from the black, flat wall of the woods as the humming of bees comes out of a hive, and had a strange narcotic effect upon my half-awake senses.
v=TvI4ghwoFf0) promo , Rick is seen in a hurry while waking up Jerry, who is still half-awake.
I have a full thousand words of first draft at my disposal - the distillation of lots of half-awake thought-rushes in the wee hours, hastily emailed to self on my iPad.
You'd think it would have felt strange going from 5000 people at Eton Dorney screaming your name then open-top bus parades and VIP invites to the hottest parties to donning your camouflage, sleeping in temporary tents and listening half-awake in case the Taliban decide to pop by.
No one wants a half-awake or hungover adjuster showing up at their damaged home.
Maui is a haven for photographers where volcanoes exude yellow sulphur smoke with faintly reddish glow of the molten lava at a distance, as though giving warning that they are half-awake.
Shelby might take almost the entire book to figure out who the Child she has to rescue is and who the Crone really represents, but any half-awake reader will catch on as soon as the quest is explained to them.
I can never do this act half-awake or not prepared or warmed up,'' she said.