1. half of a gallon, equal to 2 quarts (1.9 liters).
2. holding or consisting of two quarts.
References in classic literature ?
Granting the possibility of spiritual apparition and even materialization, yet the apparition and materialization of a half-gallon brown clay jug--a piece of coarse, heavy pottery evolved from nothing--that is hardly thinkable.
asked Mr Tappertit, who had been quenching his fiery face in a half-gallon can.
When she had taken this gentle exercise for some time, she sat down upon the steps and called 'George'; whereupon a man in a carter's frock, who had been so shrouded in a hedge up to this time as to see everything that passed without being seen himself, parted the twigs that concealed him, and appeared in a sitting attitude, supporting on his legs a baking-dish and a half-gallon stone bottle, and bearing in his right hand a knife, and in his left a fork.
The windows are, for the same reason, sufficiently diversified in appearance, being ornamented with every variety of common blind and curtain that can easily be imagined; while every doorway is blocked up, and rendered nearly impassable, by a motley collection of children and porter pots of all sizes, from the baby in arms and the half-pint pot, to the full-grown girl and half-gallon can.
He was so intent upon it, that I had ample leisure to observe the large paper kite in a corner, the confusion of bundles of manuscript, the number of pens, and, above all, the quantity of ink (which he seemed to have in, in half-gallon jars by the dozen), before he observed my being present.
The rest of us love pickles and make regular field trips to The Pickle Guys on Essex Street on the Lower East Side, but Maxie's passion is such that we have to keep the kitchen stocked with giant jars of cheap Vlasic dills from Costco and discounted half-gallon containers of tiny gherkins from East Village Cheese.
Spectacular Business Opportunity in Murfreesboro TN for only $120,000 Plus Inventory * Clean, spacious business facing the largest university of enrolled-students in Tennessee * Great monthly sales, and * Established clientele serving all of Rutherford County and Middle Tennessee with the largest selection of import beer brands, plus domestic beer, 20 draft beers to-go in gallons and half-gallon size containers, and kegs * Current inside sales averages $55 to $60,000 per month * Rent is only $3206.
A half-pint jar is great for sauce or a small amount of leftovers, while a half-gallon jar can hold lemonade, sun tea or soup.
Square, wax, half-gallon orange juice containers make great seed planters.
The product is available in half-gallon and gallon sizes.
Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport says passengers catching flights will be able to carry on six-packs or half-gallon growlers of microbrew made by Silver Gulch brewery in Fox.
Both teams actually achieved twice the required fuel efficiency, requiring only a half-gallon of fuel per passenger.