a volume equal to 500 cubic centimeters.
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Pure Life brand would produce 264 million half-liter bottles of water annually, employ 40-50 workers at unused warehouse.
T-Line 2400 molded half-liter lightweight preforms in 72 cavities on a 5.
The beer is available in the traditional half-liter bottles (20 per cs) as well as 30-liter kegs.
Athena water is available in a 24-pack of half-liter bottles that has a suggested retail of $4.
Then they refilled them in half-liter cans, packed them and put a nylon sticker on each of them to identify it as the holy water without giving any details of who packed them.
Our sleeping quarters were at the railway station, and we ate across the street at a restaurant operated by the 5th Army, where we were able to purchase a half-liter of wine for 15 cents.
PepsiCo's Aquafina bottled water is launching the Eco-Fina Bottle, the lightest half-liter bottle of any nationally distributed bottled water brand in the market.
A half-liter takes 48 seconds; one liter takes 90, and the LCD display not only tells you when you're done, but reveals lamp and battery status.
Number of half-liter water bottles consumed if all attendees drank two bottles a day for four days--a conservative estimate considering the desert locale
It weighs less than 14 pounds and has a half-liter tank capacity and a three-shoe clutch with plates.
Fieldline's Ultimate Backpack for big-game hunters features 2,850 cubic inches of overall storage space with two top-loading compartments, 10 accessory pockets, a zip-bottom pocket for wet items, an easy-access front pocket organizer, heavy-duty storm zippers and two half-liter water bottles.
The line includes Instant Green Tea Beverage Mix offered in Original, Lemon and Raspberry; XtraGreen Tea boxes available in Original, Lemon, Raspberry and Variety; InstaGreen Tea boxes available in Original, Lemon, Raspberry and Variety; and XtraGreen Tea To Go, which mixes directly into a half-liter bottle of water, and is available in Lemon and Raspberry.