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(hăf′tĭm′bərd, häf′-) also half-tim·ber (-bər)
Having a wooden framework, often exposed, with brick, stone, wattle and daub, or other material filling the spaces.
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Adj.1.half-timber - having exposed wood framing with spaces filled with masonry, as in Tudor architecture
timbered - furnished with or made of wood or timbers; "timbered walls"
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The main building is 17th century, half-timber, half-Cheshire brick - the sort of pub you'd never want to see overly renovated for the sake of progress.
The redevelopment would also mean the demolition of two smaller old buildings - a half-timber lodge and a 19th century workers' cottage on the site to make way for the new housing.
The building is iconic (the shop is housed in a half-timber structure made from old battleships) and so are the contents, especially the famously eclectic designs which have been drawing in customers for more than 130 years.
In Bayonne it is the Basque ag that ies high, half-timber buildings decked out in the traditional colours of red, white and green alongside the picturesque banks of the River Nive.
On this busy downtown site, a garden provides a place of respite between the historic building and the new cancer center, with the Victorian half-timber building creating a picturesque backdrop for the new healing garden with its specially commissioned artwork.
Given the longevity of such structures combined with the perennial English suburban taste for neo-Tudor half-timber, perhaps it is surprising that there are not modern timber structures.
The half-timber houses and restaurants quickly make you forget you are standing at the centre of one of Europe's economic power houses yet its success is what makes Frankfurt such an appealing holiday destination.
The Tudor half-timber building on Westgate has fallen into disrepair in recent years, with peeling paint and rotting oak panels.