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a 180-degree turn; a direct reversal of direction or orientation, as from front to back or left to right.
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The half-turn of the staircase cut off the view of the lobby.
The next moment she was back in the place she had started from, with another half-turn on his part, so that they came again into the same relative positions.
The ball looped to Otamendi who, making amends for his earlier mistake, showed great athleticism to volley home on the half-turn.
When they do deign to do so they make a cursory half-turn around the parade ring, often with a rug on, before disappearing down the walkway.
190this undertaking comprises mainly: - the construction of foundations and sub-foundations; Reinforced concrete half-turn tower - casing of a ditch with reinforced concrete pipes.
He said: "Gueye reads the game well, he never seems to give the ball away and he knows how to catch people on the half-turn.
But your first thought should be thinking of getting on a half-turn and looking forward and then driving forward, which he did brilliantly.