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He don't know but I know," he shouted, stopping to gaze down into the dumb, unresponsive face of the half-wit.
Elmer Cowley ran out of the woods leaving the half-wit sitting on the log before the fire.
The fool priest will upset the whole work to which I have devoted near twenty years," he muttered, "if I find not the means to quiet his half-wit tongue.
There he began to think less about the half-wit, with his livid face and mouth like a fish.
Half-wit Webb suggested that oldies might spend their pension pots on a Lamborghini when constraints are lifted next year.
Unsurprisingly, JB doesn't look like he's enjoying himself, and I expect the horse wasn't too happy either with having that half-wit on its back.
I will never again post a comment about what a half-wit I thought you were.
Well, I know it's not rocket science, but am I wrong in thinking that if the police know who this half-wit is, then is it not too much to ask for them to go and knock on his door and escort him to the hardware store and make him pay for the materials to clean up the damage he has done?
Inspired by the desire to include 22 students in a play, this book features 22 monologues describing life in an English village in 1255-from the perspectives of a doctor's son, the lord's daughter, an eel catcher, a half-wit, a peasant's daughter, and others.
Wouldn't we all like to have a job that pays $200,000 a year, counting perks and benefits, and have every now and then to come up with some half-wit idea.
Events in Zimbabwe in the recent past have proved that Western manipulation of the African political scene in order to plant leaders of its choice -- no matter how incompetent and half-wit they are -- has not stopped