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 (hăf′kŏkt′, häf′-)
1. Informal Inadequately or poorly prepared: a halfcocked plan to buy out the company.
2. Being at the position of half cock. Used of a firearm.

half′cocked′ adv.
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He hasn't had any racecourse gallops this year and hardly schooled on grass because the ground was so firm, so was going their halfcocked.
In the aftermath of the vote he went off halfcocked demanding an immediate withdrawal from Europe when what was needed was sound, sober, assessment of the next step.
THE only thing less convincing than Arsenal's displays was that halfcocked demonstration by those 70 fans on Saturday.
You have to take each game seriously, and if you go halfcocked into any of them you run the risk of coming away emptyhanded.
Birmingham is the nation's second city and going off halfcocked on this issue could well make it a second-rate city.
I remember trying to invest in a halfcocked scheme to launch a restaurant in the old CP train station in Port Arthur called the National Dream.
People are very knowledgeable about music, so it's got to be good, you can't go in halfcocked, you can't get away with things you might do in other towns.
They simply don't have the quality to go into any game halfcocked.
McMahon comes off as a halfcocked tycoon (he gets in the ring for some bloody antics) when he interviews former NFL player Darren Drozdov for a starring role.
The reshuffle will be halfcocked anyway when the top tier receive rare job guarantees.
Mille Chief is getting better and we can see improvement, but you can't go halfcocked to Cheltenham - even 90 per cent is not enough.