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 (hăf′tōn′, häf′-)
1. A tone or value halfway between a highlight and a dark shadow.
a. A picture in which the gradations of light are obtained by the relative darkness and density of tiny dots produced by photographing the subject through a fine screen.
b. A picture made by such a process.
3. Music See semitone.


1. (Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding)
a. a process used to reproduce an illustration by photographing it through a fine screen to break it up into dots
b. the etched plate thus obtained
c. the print obtained from such a plate
2. (Art Terms) art a tonal value midway between highlight and dark shading
3. (Music, other) music US and Canadian another word for semitone
(Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) relating to, used in, or made by halftone


(ˈhæfˌtoʊn, ˈhɑf-)

1. (in painting, drawing, graphics, photography, etc.) a value intermediate between light and dark.
a. a printing process in which gradation of tone is obtained by a system of minute dots.
b. the metal plate used in such a process.
c. the print obtained in such a process.
half′tone, adj.


Any photomechanical printing surface or the impression therefrom in which detail and tone values are represented by a series of evenly spaced dots in varying size and shape, varying in direct proportion to the intensity of the tones they represent. See also halftone screen.
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Noun1.halftone - a print obtained from photoengravinghalftone - a print obtained from photoengraving
engraving - a print made from an engraving
2.halftone - an engraving used to reproduce an illustrationhalftone - an engraving used to reproduce an illustration
engraving - a block or plate or other hard surface that has been engraved
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The most challenging problems in hiding secret data in halftone images are achieving a high embedding capacity and low image distortion.
Each hue in the image is distributed across four screens as halftone dots whose size represents the percentage of cyan, magenta, yellow and black in the original colour.
A grandes rasgos, el metodo de halftoning se puede clasificar en dos ramas: la primera es halftoning AM (Amplitud Modulada) que se refiere a que el tamano de los puntos de halftone varia dependiendo de la tonalidad de la imagen, mientras su frecuencia espacial no cambie; y la segunda es halftoning FM (Frecuencia Modulada) que se refiere a que el tamano del punto de halftone es constante, mientras varie su frecuencia espacial [1].
Topics discussed include halftone error diffusion methods, visual cryptography for color images, cryptography for multiple secrets, photographic images, probabilistic visual cryptography schemes, cheating prevention, resolving alignment problems, steganography in halftone images, and two-decoding-option image sharing methods.
GMG has announced the launch of a proofing system comprising of Canon's brand-new image PROGRAF iPF8300/iPF6350/iPF6300 inkjet printers, and supported by GMG ColorProof, GMG FlexoProof XG and GMG DotProof XG contone and halftone proofing systems.
Halftone is a process that replaces the color palette of image by significantly lower resolution color palette with effort to sustain the highest possible amount of the information in the final image.
The Murray-Davies equation is a very simple description of halftone imaging, and not surprisingly it is a good description only for ideal halftones.
Enhancements include improved workflow automation and Dynamic Job Routing, press-accurate halftone dot proofing, reverse filename parsing, and easy set-up of post-RIP imposition workflows.
Enhanced with 14 halftone and 43 line illustrations, Obsidian is a core addition to professional and academic Archaeological Studies reference collections and supplemental reading lists.
According to the company, the new N1200 Series offers a list of improvements to the popular 1200 Series ink, including increased block resistance, enhanced scuff resistance, better adhesion to aging substrates and improved halftone gain stability during printing.
By depositing dots of various sizes and intensities, the printer can smoothly render thousands of colors in what's known as a halftone image.
The work's companion piece features representational but low-resolution halftone images of subjects: soft-core spanking girls, a cartoonish Oktoberfest scene, sci-fi aliens, two people lying on a beach, a man sitting, a family, a man walking (after Millet's Sower?