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 (hə-lo͞o′) also hal·loa (-lō′)
1. Used to catch someone's attention.
2. Used to urge on hounds in a hunt.
n. pl. hal·loos also hal·loas
A shout or call of "halloo."
v. hal·looed, hal·loo·ing, hal·loos also hal·loaed or hal·loa·ing or hal·loas
To shout "halloo."
1. To urge on or pursue by calling "halloo" or shouting.
2. To call out to.
3. To shout or yell (something).

[Alteration of obsolete holla, stop!; see hello.]


(həˈluː) ,




sentence substitute
(Hunting) a shout to attract attention, esp to call hounds at a hunt
n, pl -loos, -los or -loas
a shout of "halloo"
vb, -loos, -looing, -looed, -los, -loing, -loed, -loas, -loaing or -loaed
1. to shout (something) to (someone)
2. (Hunting) (tr) to urge on or incite (dogs) with shouts
[C16: perhaps variant of hallow to encourage hounds by shouting]


or hol•lo


interj., n., pl. -los or -loas, interj.
1. (used to call or answer someone, or to incite dogs in hunting.)
2. the cry “hallo!”
3. a shout of exultation.
4. to call with a loud voice; shout.
5. to incite or chase (something) with shouts and cries of “hallo!”
6. to cry “hallo” to (someone).
7. to shout (something).
[1560–70; variant of hollo, itself variant of earlier holla < Middle French hola=ho ahoy + la there]


Past participle: hallooed
Gerund: hallooing

I halloo
you halloo
he/she/it halloos
we halloo
you halloo
they halloo
I hallooed
you hallooed
he/she/it hallooed
we hallooed
you hallooed
they hallooed
Present Continuous
I am hallooing
you are hallooing
he/she/it is hallooing
we are hallooing
you are hallooing
they are hallooing
Present Perfect
I have hallooed
you have hallooed
he/she/it has hallooed
we have hallooed
you have hallooed
they have hallooed
Past Continuous
I was hallooing
you were hallooing
he/she/it was hallooing
we were hallooing
you were hallooing
they were hallooing
Past Perfect
I had hallooed
you had hallooed
he/she/it had hallooed
we had hallooed
you had hallooed
they had hallooed
I will halloo
you will halloo
he/she/it will halloo
we will halloo
you will halloo
they will halloo
Future Perfect
I will have hallooed
you will have hallooed
he/she/it will have hallooed
we will have hallooed
you will have hallooed
they will have hallooed
Future Continuous
I will be hallooing
you will be hallooing
he/she/it will be hallooing
we will be hallooing
you will be hallooing
they will be hallooing
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been hallooing
you have been hallooing
he/she/it has been hallooing
we have been hallooing
you have been hallooing
they have been hallooing
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been hallooing
you will have been hallooing
he/she/it will have been hallooing
we will have been hallooing
you will have been hallooing
they will have been hallooing
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been hallooing
you had been hallooing
he/she/it had been hallooing
we had been hallooing
you had been hallooing
they had been hallooing
I would halloo
you would halloo
he/she/it would halloo
we would halloo
you would halloo
they would halloo
Past Conditional
I would have hallooed
you would have hallooed
he/she/it would have hallooed
we would have hallooed
you would have hallooed
they would have hallooed
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Noun1.halloo - a shout to attract attention; "he gave a great halloo but no one heard him"
cry, outcry, shout, vociferation, yell, call - a loud utterance; often in protest or opposition; "the speaker was interrupted by loud cries from the rear of the audience"
Verb1.halloo - urge on with shouts; "halloo the dogs in a hunt"
egg on, prod, incite - urge on; cause to act; "The other children egged the boy on, but he did not want to throw the stone through the window"
2.halloo - shout `halloo', as when greeting someone or attracting attention
cry, scream, shout out, yell, squall, shout, holler, hollo, call - utter a sudden loud cry; "she cried with pain when the doctor inserted the needle"; "I yelled to her from the window but she couldn't hear me"


also halloa
A loud cry:
To speak or say very loudly or with a shout:


A. EXCL¡sus!, ¡hala!
B. Ngrito m
C. VIgritar


interjhallo; (Hunt) → horrido, hallo
nHalloruf m; (Hunt) → Horrido nt, → Hallo nt
vi(hallo) rufen; (Hunt) → die Hunde hetzen
References in classic literature ?
She came hallooing to the window, "How do you do, my dear?
The duchess came out splendidly attired, and Don Quixote, in pure courtesy and politeness, held the rein of her palfrey, though the duke wanted not to allow him; and at last they reached a wood that lay between two high mountains, where, after occupying various posts, ambushes, and paths, and distributing the party in different positions, the hunt began with great noise, shouting, and hallooing, so that, between the baying of the hounds and the blowing of the horns, they could not hear one another.
There were low rambling buildings of concrete barred with heavy impassable doors, and no amount of hammering and hallooing brought any response.
Tom scampered after him, hallooing with might and main, and the wild horse and wild Irishman soon disappeared among the ravines of the prairie.
Some one was talking there in a very loud accent; he did not know the voice--more than talking--almost hallooing.
Even for him the sound was as yet very small and faint; but he could have sworn the evening breeze bore with it something like the pulsation of horses' hoofs and a distant hallooing.
Make yourself easy, there is no danger of that, for I heard Tilney hallooing to a man who was just passing by on horseback, that they were going as far as Wick Rocks.