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or hal·va  (häl-vä′, häl′vä)
A crumbly confection of ground sesame seeds mixed with sugar syrup or honey and often other flavorings and pressed into a solid mass.

[Ultimately (partly via Turkish helva) from Arabic ḥalwā, from ḥaluwa, to be sweet; see x̣lw in Semitic roots.]


(ˈhælvɑː) or




(Cookery) an Eastern Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, or Indian sweetmeat made of honey and containing sesame seeds, nuts, rose-water, saffron, etc
[from Yiddish halva, from Romanian, from Turkish helve, from Arabic halwā sweetmeat]


(hɑlˈvɑ, ˈhɑl vɑ)

a confection of Turkish origin, made chiefly of ground sesame seeds and honey.
[1840–50; < Yiddish halva < Romanian < Turkish helva < Arabic ḥalwā sweet confection]
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Madkour explained that Halwani Bros Egypt has five factories to produce halva, meats and cold cuts, poultry, jam, juices, and ma'amoul.
I will also teach you how to make carrot halva which we make in the winters.
Cookies (100 g), Wafers (38 g), Halva (60 g), Muffin bar (35 g), Sugar, Wheat flour, Long grain rice, Buckwheat groats, Pearl barley, Oat groats (flakes), Krupa millet, Krupa semolina, Pasta, Beans, Peas, Sunflower refined oil, Cocoa powder, Iodized salt, Potato starch, Coffee instant natural (3 in 1), Coffee drink, Tea black large-leafed, Black tea bags (25p.
Most prominent of the competitions was the Gajar ka Halva making competition of which the first place winner was Shabana Khan.
He has also led the creation of three successful digital start-ups, Dar, Crediton and Halva, in Kazakhstan.
Vegetable sandwiches, coconut water as well as sweet dishes like halva, made out of wheat, are among other items on the list.
A special Halva House was built in the kitchen for sultans and senior officers who were very fond of desserts.
Soy foods have become more familiar to consume worldwide and have become a popular choice of many health conscious valued for their versatility, taste, applications using the soy bean food include: legumes, soy available in boiled soybeans, soy flour, soy oil, soy sauce, soy milk, soy tofu, soy curd, fermented soybeans soy ice cream, soy butter, soy burgers, soy halva and other.
For bara khana, there would be a hundred more items Biriyani, halva, kheer .
Despite the company's Lebanese heritage, Sayklly's never sold traditional treats such as baklava or halva in the store.
com/mynameisyeh/2014/12/halva-rugelach) Halva Rugelach: This &nbsp;Jewish pastry gets a sweet update from My Name Is Yeh and will surely be a warm welcome from the traditional Christmas cookies.
ISLAMABAD -- As the mercury is dropping continuously, citizens have started enjoying traditional 'Gajar ka halva.