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 (hăv, häv)
tr.v. halved, halv·ing, halves
1. To divide (something) into two equal portions or parts.
2. To lessen or reduce by half: halved the recipe to serve two.
3. Informal To share (something) equally: The twins halve everything.
4. Sports To play (a golf game or hole) using the same number of strokes as one's opponent.

[Middle English halven, from half, half; see half.]
References in classic literature ?
Then, as once before, the pack was halved, and half, the she-wolves, went with Umslopogaas, and half, the dog-wolves, went with Galazi.
Almost surreptitiously she slipped a clean sheet in front of her, and her hand, descending, began drawing square boxes halved and quartered by straight lines, and then circles which underwent the same process of dissection.
But my picture does represent the true lover as having no existence separable from that of the beloved object of his affections, and as living at once a doubled life and a halved life.
If he halved the legacy everybody would be satisfied.
We are very thankful to you,' she added aloud; 'but neither of us could part from the other if all the wealth of the world were halved between us.
L Dawson beat D Curry 5 and 4, M Lansbury halved with M Gray, J M Dent halved with R Sydenham, P LitUe halved with A Payne, N Dent beat R Morrison 2 and 1, G Dent halved with I Robson.
Although Held uses a small seedless watermelon, halved lengthwise in the fruit salad-floral arrangement, he suggests using a large, full-size watermelon if you're planning to serve a large crowd.
But Maddison won 14, 15 and 16, two of them with birdies, before Curry went through 2 and 1 when the 17th was halved.
Leaders Wynyard went to Hunley Hall where Wynyard's scratch players came close to a share of the points with wins from Neil Hall and Luke Calvert, but with three wins from Chris Crooks, Jonathon Tremain and Mark Greensmith, the other game being halved, Hunley took the scratch points 7-5.
Maxfield had praise for Kevin Hale who won both his games and for Darren Martin, who halved both of his.
Scores: N Lockie halved with S Hubner, G Holland beat S Lloyd, B Crawford lost to C White, J Doolan lost to G Munro, S Cairns halved with D Hunter, T McInally beat R Linden 2 and 1, S Sheridan halved with A Dundas, I Robertson lost to G Dawson.
Fasth then halved his dramatic match with Paul Azinger to put Europe within a half-point of clinching the Matches, which the team did just a few minutes later.