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Noun1.ham actor - an unskilled actor who overacts
actor, histrion, thespian, role player, player - a theatrical performer
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Pepe might be a ham actor after his playacting antics in Real Madrid's Champions League Final win over Atletico in Milan last month.
When the ham actor was told the country that called for a ban on "teabag recycling" was in fact Britain, he bluffed in his usual slippery way.
They took ham actor Ronald Villiers there in the 2002 Hogmanay episode for a scene with original stars Paul Samson and John Murtagh.
9pm BBC1) IHOPE actor Matt Berry who plays booming-voiced ham actor Steven Toast in the Channel 4 sitcom Toast of London watches this.
The jovial Sunny ( Sharib Hashmi) is introduced through a hilarious collage establishing him as a struggling ham actor who auditions for bit roles.
Maybe it's also that people with genuine promise - at singing, dancing and playing the spoons - don't want to be tarnished with the praise of former ham actor David Hasselhoff.
True, it will be simply delicious to watch Gordon Brown's agony as he once again has to kowtow to the great ham actor who has done so much to blight his life.
Duo becomes a trio when ham actor Kita (respected kabuki thesp Akira Emoto) gatecrashes Okino's quarters during a very funny attempt to hang himself.
His hyperbole was straight out of the Carry On series of films, which enhanced his reputation as a ham actor but not necessarily as a human being.
having] the air at times of a ham actor taking the part of a great statesman who has become a little foggy because of all he has undergone in the past few years" (p.
One a joke figure, a jumped-up ham actor, the other the Governor of California.
When Cyrano finally arrives, he comes in from the back of the theater, only to dismantle the ham actor Montfleury (Martha McFarland), followed by a nobleman whose wit can't measure up and another whose sword skills are similarly lacking.