hamburger steak

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Noun1.hamburger steak - a patty of ground cooked beefhamburger steak - a patty of ground cooked beef  
beefsteak - a beef steak usually cooked by broiling
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There are other choices at Jerry's that range from broiled catfish, a hamburger steak, and a chicken strip dinner to a cheeseburger, but come on, if you find your way to Jerry's Catfish House, there is just one thing you need to dive into, and it's the all-you-can eat catfish platter
By 1889, Hamburg steak had become hamburger steak, and by 1908, hamburger.
This soup's well-seasoned, meaty spheres paved the way for more beef, this time ground and served as a hamburger steak ($13.
On my first visit, I ordered the Japanese style Hamburger Steak ($6.