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v. t.1.Same as Hamble.
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It had received a further stimulus when Richard Hamel, who had bought an Evening Standard on their way from the theatre a few minutes ago, came across a certain paragraph in it which he read aloud.
We've been going through hell, Hamel, and we are up against it now, hard up against it.
Then these arrests," Hamel remarked," are really bona fide?
This is a nice sort of thing to hear almost one's first night in England," Hamel remarked a little gloomily.
You mean to say," Hamel asked, "that you seriously believe that a conference is on the point of being held at which France and Russia are to be invited to consider suggestions like this?
Queer if I have returned just in time for the scrap," Hamel remarked thoughtfully.
Hamel was the Russian gentleman of the party which made the ascent at the time of the famous disaster.
In August 2000, the Hamels said they noticed signs of water damage in the home.
HR--Pedroia 2 (2), off Hamels 2; Betts (1), off Hamels; H.
The Hamels bought the place in September of that year and had just enough time to harvest the grapes and make wine.
In addition to the Hamel Scholarships and Hamel Scholars Program, a donation from the Hamels in 1996 was used to complete the Hamel Student Recreation Center.
The offer was pegged at 6 years and $144 million, the same terms as Cole Hamels extension 2 years ago.