hammer down

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w>hammer down

vt sepfesthämmern; nail, dooreinschlagen; bumpflach hämmern
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RAWALPINDI -- Regional Transport Authority (RTA) Rawalpindi has been attempting to bring the hammer down on overcharging, with surprise checks at bus and van stands while 4966 Public Service Vehicles (PSVs) were impounded and 11137 were fined for overcharging, overloading and other violations during 2017.
Starting the second lap, I just put the hammer down because I know how much of a strong runner Sam is so I just went for it and gain as much gap as I could get,' he said.
Let the hammer down easy, now the cap is waterproof, too.
A hammer down condition also causes an ugly burr to appear on the rear corner of the breech bolt slot as the rifle folds before separating.
In his first season, Silver brought the hammer down on Donald Sterling, the long-time former owner of the Los Angeles Clippers who, in addition to being the subject of a federal investigation into racist housing practices, was recorded grousing about black fans attending Clippers games.
For example, those who constantly hammer down to a neighbour at the slightest noise whether it be their neighbour entering their home, or talking on a phone, or simply doing everyday household chores.
Now the Bairn is ready to bring the hammer down on his old club to make up for him and John Baird missing out on cup glory because of their switch.
The preparations for ballots are in hand and RMT will work with sister unions in the coming months to stave off this attempt to hammer down on the workforce across the offshore industry.
This is because with the latter, the shooter is working against not only the recoil spring under the slide, but the very strong mainspring that runs up the back of the grip-frame and holds the hammer down.
RAWALPINDI -- City Traffic Police (CTP) Rawalpindi has been attempting to bring the hammer down on the transporters found indulged in overcharging, with surprise checks at bus and van stops during last two weeks while 19 vehicles were impounded and 221 fined for overcharging.
of the old turkey about leaving the hammer down on an empty chamber on the Colt SAA.
Police were called and, when they arrived, Webb, who had thrown the hammer down a drain, claimed that she was responsible for the injuries.