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Noun1.hand throttle - a hand-operated lever that controls the throttle valvehand throttle - a hand-operated lever that controls the throttle valve
lever - a rigid bar pivoted about a fulcrum
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The threespeed hand throttle is on the left side of the fuel tank, and the clutch is that heel and toe pedal on the left footboard.
Mr Ball said a number of defects had been found on the machine, including under-inflated tyres and a faulty hand throttle and the defence would claim these were the cause of the accident.
Having got used to the hand throttle and the clutch, which was quite bizarre, I chugged off down the road to a few surprises, courtesy of the great Henry Ford.
Electronic auxiliary control for the loaders allows precise, easy control of attachments like a 4-in-l bucket, and a rotary hand throttle and easy-to-operate foot throttle on the Super M and Super M+models make it easy to set the engine to the desired RPMs.
Even over the worst surfaces my test car never sounded a rattle or squeak of complaint and under hand throttle it was not very noisy either.
It got me around very, very slowly but it had a sunroof and a hand throttle so of course I had to experiment with sitting on the roof and driving with my feet
Engaging the hand throttle to step one (lowest speed) ensures that the petrol is pumped at low speed and does not evaporate.
But--except for the handlebars, hand-operated clutch, foot pegs, foot-operated shifter, hand throttle, and sport-touring bike ergonomics--that's where the motorcycle analogy ends.
A new brake button on the top of the hand throttle gives you the added advantage at the start line and superior control around corners.
The gear selector lever and hand throttle control lever knobs on some Paladins and ammo carriers are nearly identical.
PC Jeffrey Gallon, who investigated the accident, said the vehicle was so powerful if in gear it could have easily overpowered the hand brake with use of the hand throttle.