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or hand wringing  (hănd′rĭng′ĭng)
1. Clasping and squeezing of the hands, often in distress.
2. An excessive expression of distress: handwringing by some experts over the state of the economy.

hand′wring′er, hand wringer n.
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After her husband Andrew's death in 1961, she didn't change a thing, continuing to wash clothes in the basement using a washtub and hand wringer.
As recently as 40 years ago, women slaved away at the kitchen sink with only a hand wringer to help cut down on the drips.
So it's the Ayatollah versus the old hand wringer himself.
In fact, even if today's hand wringers would call it slavery, the truth of the matter is our young players would benefit enormously if the system was reintroduced to our game.
Lots of hand wringers complained that Brazil was not up to task of hosting such a big event as the World Cup, but they have been proven wrong.
No wonder, with this bunch of hand wringers absolving them from blame for anything, that we have created sizeable numbers who believe they're entitled to every expensive goodie going.
The report was immediately picked up by talk radio, by British newspapers, by New York tabloids, and (pre-emptively, one assumes) by media ethics hand wringers such as Editor & Publisher.
Paddy Kelly's DC being welcomed at The Hammer Centre on the Shankill offers us more hope than all the hand wringers, cynics and do-gooders put together.