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or hand wringing  (hănd′rĭng′ĭng)
1. Clasping and squeezing of the hands, often in distress.
2. An excessive expression of distress: handwringing by some experts over the state of the economy.

hand′wring′er, hand wringer n.
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WHY all the hand wringing because Prime Minister David Cameron says we should publicise Christianity more in this county?
We don't want pathetic hand wringing from Labour ministers about time scales and paperwork.
We, the council taxpayer, cannot continue paying to keep both the Assembly and local councils going; there has been much hand wringing about the settlements from the Assembly and local councils are in the throes of setting council tax levels.
No amount of hand wringing from those who hold up their hands in horror at the thought of a thug being given a taste of his own treatment can have any hope of remedying this stigma of our present-day society.
Of course, such hand wringing is often an inviting target.
After much soul searching and hand wringing over ho would be honored as the 2006 Skater of the Year, we had what alcoholics refer to as a moment of clarity.
Amid the general hand wringing among City supporters at Wright-Phillips' pounds 21million move, one man could not keep the smile off his face.
EPA by INDA and SMART (the Secondary Materials and Recycled Textiles Association) noted that hand wringing of soiled wipes should be a Federal requirement for a host of legal, environmental and public policy reasons, and INDA urged the Agency to adopt a hand wringing standard in the final version of the rule.
What the Lord seeks is "good fruit," not simply pious prayers and hand wringing.
There is much hand wringing about education these days, as there should be.
Within health care and insurance, there was fear and loathing about the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and continued hand wringing over rising costs.
But if you can't stop the hand wringing, layered eating or any other ritual, it could very well be OCD.