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Adj.1.hand-hewn - cut or shaped with hard blows of a heavy cutting instrument like an ax or chisel; "a house built of hewn logs"; "rough-hewn stone"; "a path hewn through the underbrush"
cut - fashioned or shaped by cutting; "a well-cut suit"; "cut diamonds"; "cut velvet"
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Figures of men crawled out of the holes, or disappeared into them, or, on raised platforms of hand-hewn timber, windlassed the thawed gravel to the surface, where it immediately froze.
Cooper and Greenlaw--on what is called the Hill Ranch they left two of their dead, "Little Lillie" and "Little David," who rest to-day inside a tiny square of hand-hewn palings.
Inter they climbed the earthquake racked belfry, noting the hand-hewn timbers; and in the gallery, discovering the pure quality of their voices, Saxon, trembling at her own temerity, softly sang the opening bars of "Jesus Lover of My Soul.
Features include exposed brickwork, half-timbering and thick hand-hewn beams that top the main living areas.
Constructed from two layers of local hand-hewn limestone blocks packed with a mixture of tussock, clay and lime, it has been awarded $132,503 in the latest round of Heritage EQUIP (the Heritage Earthquake Upgrade Incentive Programme) funding to help repair stonework damaged in the Kaikoura earthquakes.
It was also being built from raw clay and hand-hewn trees.
Be sure to check out its East Gate, designed in the rustic picturesque style using hand-hewn logs and stone, constructed in the 1930s as a relief project.
The earliest barns are built with timbers hand-hewn to shape, and you can see the rough chopping marks of an axe.
In its third life, the former sanctuary/fire truck bay is now an open-ceiling area with exposed hand-hewn wood trusses.
Decorative stone ply gem and stained wood panels made up the interior walls, creating a hand-hewn look throughout the house.
The living room features a barrel-vaulted coved ceiling and a fireplace with a chunky, hand-hewn wood-beam mantelpiece.
When you're ready to assemble, fit the parts together, bore through the joint, and pin it with a hand-hewn dowel.