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At least two of the injured were transported lying on the wooden flatbed of a handcar -- a small four-wheeled railroad vehicle -- according to a picture posted on Twitter by Tabasco civil protection.
Before long they'll be slipping past ticket collectors at the railway station, driving a railroad handcar and chasing a train carrying Sumo and Arsenic.
Stewart says he was a familiar sight as he pushed his tools around on a handcar t.
takes of by the Press The PCC about in a handcar t the editorial publications under Practice, because our kids are drinking it.
The final image in the film is the lonely figure of the blind, black seer pushing his gandydancer's handcar along the railroad track, emphasizing the film's focus on life's journeys and destinations; and the last voice we hear is his, singing the haunting revival song, "O bear me away on your snowy white wings to my immortal home.
In O Brother, a blind man on a handcar correctly predicts the fate of three escaped cons, and the sheriff chasing them may well be the devil incarnate.
Handcar 4, Stand A20 BENE manufactures plant technology for treating industrial wastewater and rainwater.
In Operation Nimo, on March 27, a handcar wash in Hudson Street, South Shields, and Supreme Pizza, on Walker Road, Newcastle, were targeted.
Mickey and Minnie Mouse are given three-dimensional expression in a clockwork tinplate handcar toy by Wells: a rare survivor that retains its box and the cardboard buildings it originally contained (est pounds 150-200).
and, during the Depression, even makers of the coming-of-age toy (like the complete electric train set or doll's house) opted for cheaper fad products (Daisy's Buck Rogers' pistols and Lionel's Mickey Mouse handcar in the mid 1930s).
For example, when supervisory personnel desired to rent a handcar for an hour, the process required six separate vouchers.