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It features a multifunction control handle with ergonomic handgrips, fingertip control of all functions, directional thumb control--including reverse switch--and turtle torque control.
The pliers have ergonomic handles with soft, Xuro-rubber cushioned handgrips and concealed light-touch springs.
The CAA product line includes advanced light and laser devices, bipods, handgrips, Picatinny rail systems, tubes, butt stocks, cheek rests, nonlethal personal protection and the patented RONI pistol-carbine conversion.
Referring to the US Department of Defence's ongoing Modular Handgun System Precision Sniper Rifle solicitations, which include requirements for modular handgrips, Lt.
By Product Type (Commodes, Shower Chairs and stools, Bath lifts, Toilet seat raisers, Toilet Aids, Bath Aids, Handgrips and Grab Bars), & By Geography.
The black flashlight had handgrips and two protruding electrodes similar to those on a taser which claimed to discharge five million volts.
The Launchpad only works with older full-sized iPad models like iPad 2 through fourth generation and rugged handgrips on either side is also included in it.
The illegal imports include white weapons such as swords, knives, daggers, sharp handgrips, batons and iron sticks.
The platform has handgrips on all four sides for easy handling and maneuverability, while the base, which has a nonskid surface, can hold more product cartons or equipment.
To release the brakes, the user must simply grasp one or both of the handgrips and press the brake button one time.
With programmable handgrips and the wireless foot control panel of the OPMI VARIO 700, surgeons can operate all key functions of the microscope comfortably and conveniently.
The steel shaft measures 43" long to avoid back strain, and also features moulded handgrips for extra comfort, and a durable powder-coated finish.