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also hand-held  (hănd′hĕld′)
Compact enough to be used or operated while being held in the hand or hands: a handheld video camera.
A digital device, such as a computer, PDA, or cell phone, that is small enough to be held and operated in one hand.
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Adj.1.handheld - small and light enough to be operated while you hold it in your hands; "a hand-held computer"
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I made it an administrative goal and an expectation in their evaluation process," he says of his decision to purchase Palm handheld units.
We anticipate a huge increase on our return on investment due to the new wireless deployment features and the handheld management tools.
By interfacing with add-on cards, modems or other accessories, you can use your handheld PDA to surf the Internet, access travel and traffic information, trade stocks, take and store digital pictures or pinpoint your exact location via the Global Positioning System.
1 Application Software Analyst in 2001 and Current CEO of Brown and Herbranson Imaging, Named to HandHeld Entertainment's Board of Directors
Preziosi's voyage into handheld technology began when she traveled to an NECC Conference with Principal Pat Donovan, Technology Specialist Rhonda Drum, and fellow teacher Paul Mucci.
MARGI Systems, a provider of mobile presentation solutions that turn handhelds into professional quality presentation devices, is extending presentation capabilities to a new generation of Palm handheld users.
Forecast uptake in the next-generation home and handheld console market till 2010.
Jamestown is one of the most active schools in Arlington Public Schools' integration of handheld technology to support the district's writing curriculum and the podcasts are the result of creating original content using Palm handheld computers.
Chapura, a developer of software primarily for handheld computers, announced technology to synchronize a Palm handheld computer with a Microsoft Exchange server.
At close to an ounce lighter than a video iPod, HandHeld Entertainment's ZVUE 260 will feature a thinner/lighter design, brighter 2.
Handheld computers, also called personal digital assistants, are making their way into more classrooms.
a leading developer of software for handheld devices, announced Retriever software.