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1. A grip of or by the hand.
2. Something that one can hold onto for support.


1. (Mountaineering) an object, crevice, etc, that can be used as a grip or support, as in climbing
2. a grip or secure hold with the hand or hands



1. a grip with the hand or hands.
2. something to grip or take hold of, as a support or handle.
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Noun1.handhold - an appendage to hold onto
appendage - a part that is joined to something larger
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There was no time to stop and institute a search for sturdy stems and safe handholds.
Kenyans should trust the two to manage processes and not put them under pressure or seek to handhold them.
Since Tharparkar's socioeconomic conditions are fast changing, it is imperative to handhold local businesses to help them align with the demands of the modern-day world,' Mr Ansari added.
Our customer service executives are always ready to handhold customers through the process, whenever required.
The recommended, inexpensive exercise equipment to pair with Tendu Toning is a small glide disc (a paper plate or power towel can be substituted, depending on one's workout surface), a resistance band, and a barre or chair to provide a chest-high handhold and aid in balance.
The BCCI is committed to handhold North Eastern states and bring them to the mainstream.
Gandhi, founder of impact investment and policy advocacy organization Asha Impact, said the joint investment was meant to handhold early-stage entrepreneurs, provide them with funding and expertise, and help them to scale up businesses.
Constructed from non-toxic, high-performance, thin-walled aluminum extrusions that are robotically welded for high strength, the unit includes ergonomic handhold openings to prevent employee injury.
One managed to grab a handhold and grabbed his colleague, with the result they both plunged to their deaths.
Always maintain three points of contact with aircraft at all times, but be aware that touching a hot or cold-soaked handhold with unprotected skin can cause injuries, too
moist silk clinging to our fingers like a last handhold on summer,
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- New imaging technology has revealed how the molecular machines that remodel genetic material inside cells 'grab onto' DNA like a rock climber looking for a handhold.