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n. Sports & Games
1. One who assigns handicaps.
2. One who predicts the winners in a horserace, especially one who publishes such predictions as a guide for bettors.


1. (Individual Sports, other than specified) an official appointed to assign handicaps to competitors in such sports as golf and horse racing
2. (Journalism & Publishing) a newspaper columnist employed to estimate the chances that horses have of winning races


(ˈhæn diˌkæp ər)

a. an official who assigns handicaps to contestants, as in a horse race or golf tournament.
b. a person employed, as by a newspaper, to make predictions on the outcomes of horse races.
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Noun1.handicapper - someone who sets the betting odds based on calculations of the outcome of a contest (especially a horse race)
gambler - a person who wagers money on the outcome of games or sporting events
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Phil Smith, the senior jumps handicapper, was impressed by King's Road, but pointed to the chasm that currently exists between the better handicappers and the top-flight performers, such as See More Business and Looks Like Trouble.
SENIOR handicappers have dismissed suggestions that Irish-trained hurdlers are
EUROPE'S handicappers have finally released an official rating for Montjeu's victory in the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe - and it differs by a pound, depending on which side of the Channel you are standing.
MONTJEU is set to be rated inferior to Peintre Celebre but ahead of Helissio when the international handicappers finally release their assessment of the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe winner, writes Desmond Stoneham.
It is one of the great vices of handicappers to allow patently unextended winners nothing in hand.
Almost every week, trainers are outraged at the assessment of their horses for precisely the same reason as Nicholls, but the BHB handicappers know their job very well and are able to defend their work with total justification 99 per cent of the time.
Horsemen and handicappers, like rank-and-file racing fans, prize reliability above all in their would-be superstar thoroughbreds.
Last year, NHC VI attracted more than 200 handicappers who competed for the national title by placing win/place bets on 30 mythical races.
The Best Bet on Sports offers a one-year guarantee to new members who use their football betting system buying the football handicappers ultimate package.
Exposed handicappers will have to concede up to 10lb more compared to their Irish ratings, and this is hardly an enticing prospect.
Drysdale was raising a question that's bugging Kentucky Derby handicappers as they try to assess China Visit and Curule, the two Kentucky-breds who have been preparing in Dubai at the Godolphin training center and Nad al Sheba racetrack.