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adj. hand·i·er, hand·i·est
1. Easily or effectively used; convenient or useful: a handy tool; a handy reference book.
2. Easy to manage or handle. Used of a ship.
3. Readily accessible or convenient in location: kept his cell phone handy; found a handy spot for the hammer.
4. Skillful in using one's hands; manually adroit. See Synonyms at dexterous.

hand′i·ness n.
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Noun1.handiness - skillfulness with the hands; "he can do any sort of work requiring handiness and dexterity"
skillfulness - the state of being cognitively skillful
2.handiness - the quality of being at hand when neededhandiness - the quality of being at hand when needed
convenience - the quality of being useful and convenient; "they offered the convenience of an installment plan"
command - availability for use; "the materials at the command of the potters grew"
print - availability in printed form; "we've got to get that story into print"; "his book is no longer in print"
مُلائَمَه، سُهولَة الإسْتِعْمال
det at være bekvem


[ˈhændɪnɪs] N
1. (= closeness) → proximidad f
the advantage of this house is its handiness for the schoolla ventaja de esta casa es su proximidad a la escuela or lo cerca que queda de la escuela
because of the handiness of the librarydebido a que la biblioteca está tan a mano or queda tan cerca, porque resulta tan cómodo ir a la biblioteca
2. [of tool, gadget] → utilidad f
3. (= skill) → habilidad f, destreza f


(= skill)Geschick nt, → Geschicklichkeit f
(= nearness, accessibility: of shops etc) → günstige Lage
(= convenience, usefulness: of tool, car etc) → Nützlichkeit f; (= easiness to handle)Handlichkeit f


(ˈhӕndi) adjective
1. ready (to use); in a convenient place. I like to keep my tools handy; This house is handy for the shops.
2. easy to use; useful. a handy tool.
ˈhandiness noun
ˈhandyman (ˈmӕn) noun
a man who does jobs, for himself or other people, especially around the house.
come in handy
to be useful. I'll keep these bottles – they might come in handy.
References in classic literature ?
He saw, at a glance, that a native adroitness and handiness made the task to her an easier one than it proved to many.
His answer would have been a gruff, "Give me size," as I heard another man reply to a remark praising the handiness of a small vessel.
An' I'd better niver ha' had a son, as is like no other body's son for the deftness an' th' handiness, an' so looked on by th' grit folks, an' tall an' upright like a poplar-tree, an' me to be parted from him an' niver see 'm no more.
Stick around and cook us something for dinner," Charles, on his next load in and noting the effects of the old man's handiness, told Tarwater.
And, as bandy-legs or such physical deformities in children are held to be the consequence of bad nursing, so, if in a mind so beautiful any moral twist or handiness could be found, Miss Sally Brass's nurse was alone to blame.
He said India should leave high handiness and start dialogues with Pakistan.
As he grows up (with Rupert Friend playing the adult Lewis), his handiness with his fists earns him entry to the world of bareknuckle fighting and Britain's shady underworld.
Okay, there was a liberal helping of sheer good fortune, but this filly has speed and the tactical handiness to cut it instantly into play, and as soon as any fraction of daylight came her way she was like a terrier battening on to a rat.
The Berliner company ROAD GmbH (Remote Office Access Devices) develops and manufactures mobile Remote Office Access devices - so-called handyPCs - combining the functionality of mobile PCs with the communication features and handiness of mobile phones.
In the case of the beanfield rifle, he couldn't care less about firepower, light weight, caliber versatility, handiness, carrying ease, or any other consideration other than what kind of rifle will give him the most accuracy and the longest reach.
JotForm's handiness follows suit with recent announcements.
Nerd Brain: Fix and upgrade objects instantly without going through the Handiness skill levels.