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tr.v. hand·picked, hand·pick·ing, hand·picks
1. To gather or pick by hand.
2. To select personally.

hand′picked′ adj.



1. to pick by hand.
2. to select personally and with care.
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Gateshead College and Metrocentre owner intu teamed up in 2014 to launch the handPICKED shop, where students and retail entrepreneurs could sell their products to the public.
Actress-singer KC Concepcion swooned after receiving Borromeo's gift of handpicked flowers.
Mechanical design apprentice Philip Marwood was handpicked to meet Mr Cameron in 10 Downing Street to discuss what it means to be an apprentice and debate how the Government, apprentices and businesses can do more to promote apprenticeships.
And their talents are being showcased at their outlet handPICKED in the Metrocentre, which provides a base for entrepreneurial Gateshead College students to show off their flair.
Big Love chocolate bar Handpicked Collection PS9 handpickedcollection.
com) POSE AND SHOOT in the 19th century, Victorians had a penchant for silhouettes POSE AND SHOOT POPULAR in the 19th century, Victorians had a penchant for silhouettes and these portrait miniatures make a brilliant gift - all you have to do is email a profile photo of your nearest and dearest and the guys at Handpicked Collection will do the rest.
Handpicked and Jancyn Evaluation Shops have entered into a partnership deal for mystery shopping program.
M2 EQUITYBITES-January 24, 2014-Future buys minority stake in UK Handpicked Media
com as a comprehensive travel and culture resource offering handpicked recommendations for travellers to every destination in the world.
The Radio 1 DJ was handpicked by BBC1 chief Danny Cohen for next year's pounds 20million series.
Superintendent Red Metcalfe and his team of handpicked London officers seek Silvertongue, a brilliant serial murderer who has been killing single men in increasingly horrible ways, leaving not so much as a fiber of evidence at any of the scenes.
We think Polman has been handpicked to succeed Brabeck," said Jon Cox of Kepler Equities.