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Noun1.handrest - a support for the hand
support - any device that bears the weight of another thing; "there was no place to attach supports for a shelf"
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A handrest detection feature makes for added operating safety while helping to prevent incorrect inputs.
Pictures Showing Snugly Fitted Indigenous Wooden Crutches of Inappropriate Length without Axillary Pad and Handrest.
Among the cabin's features is a touchpad that can be operated smartphone-style with finger gestures and is built into the handrest on the central control panel.
The device's computer software moves the handrest so it "constantly re-centers your fingertips in the center of their dexterous workplace," says William Provancher, an assistant professor of mechanical engineering.
The software integrated into the system adjusts the position of the handrest in order to maintain the fingers in the center of the workspace.
Washington, March 9 (ANI): Engineers at the University of Utah have come up with a new computer-controlled, motorized handrest that will help doctors, artists and others control scalpels, brushes and tools more accurately over a wider area with less fatigue.
An optional buttstock handrest is available that can be fine-tuned to a desired height by means of removable spacers An optional anti-mirage band is also available for the top of the barrel.
I spooked her out and made her scared," cackles Caroline before cruelly adding, "We nailed her arms to the handrest because we were worried she was going to be sucked out of a crack in the plane door.
The balcony railing itself is a curve of fluted bronze with a wood handrest.
Features not present in the keyboard, compared to the SteelSeries 7G, are the audio ports for headphone-in and microphone-out, the two USB ports as well as the removable plastic handrest.
2 Chair Size : Seating Height : 450 Mm Handrest Height : 645 Mm Top To Bottom Height : 900 Mm Width-Handle To Handle : 555 Mm And Inside-450 Mm 3 Density Of Thickness Of Cushion : 40 Density Cushion And Thickness - 50 Mm.
Tenders are invited for Office Chair With Seat And Back Cushion With Powder Coated Frame And Handrest Of Godrej Chr - 7B Or Similar Dsf