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A small saw operated by one hand.


(Tools) any saw for use in one hand only



any common saw with a handle at one end for manual operation with one hand.
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Noun1.handsaw - a saw used with one hand for cutting woodhandsaw - a saw used with one hand for cutting wood
back saw, backsaw - a handsaw that is stiffened by metal reinforcement along the upper edge
compass saw - a handsaw with a narrow triangular blade for cutting curves
coping saw - a handsaw with a taut thin blade; used for cutting small curves in wood
crosscut handsaw, crosscut saw, cutoff saw - handsaw that cuts at right angles to the grain (or major axis)
keyhole saw - a handsaw with a long narrow blade for cutting short radius curves; similar to a compass saw
pruning saw - a handsaw used for pruning trees
ripsaw, splitsaw - a handsaw for cutting with the grain of the wood
saw - hand tool having a toothed blade for cutting


[ˈhændˌsɔː] nsega a mano
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The chief tragic event of the old man's life, so far as I could judge, was his mishap with a certain goose, which lived and died some twenty or forty years ago: a goose of most promising figure, but which, at table, proved so inveterately tough, that the carving-knife would make no impression on its carcase, and it could only be divided with an axe and handsaw.
Detectives found a handsaw and a machete allegedly used by Petgrave next to one of the victims' bodies.
Peck, stomped on her head and used a handsaw to cut up her body in the house they shared, authorities said.
While some projects require only cutters, others require more tools and materials, such as handsaw, electric drill, concrete, and polymer clay.
Purchase sheet metal (enough to surround the bottle sufficiently and lay along the roof--see the pictures included) and buy a small handsaw.
If you don't have access to a bandsaw, use a coping saw, jigsaw or other handsaw with rasps to form the shape.
Harsh land chores to start a normal day, Axe and handsaw fell a forest
After Ari was done in the bathroom, he went downstairs and popped a handsaw in the dishwasher.
A TEENAGER was jailed yesterday after threatening men with a handsaw and smashing a car windscreen.
Materials: four plastic troughs, their fixtures and end caps, four pieces of wood about 5 feet long each, dowels and screws, a ruler, a pencil, a handsaw and a drill.
50mm (14) Handsaw with Handle (15) Tasha Kashmiri 500 Grams (16) Chizzle1"x11/* (17) Plainer Anant 4 No with blade (18) (19) Office Chairs wooden (20) Electric Rout Cutter VC 2118C blade size 8" (21) ri Electric yoga petrol VC2640A Chain 22" long (22) Randa for Power electric VC5682D (23) Power drilling Machine scale VC1310B (24)Rout Cutter VC3712B (25) Power Rag mar VC 1423 A
Martin Betts, by email AA HANDSAW is floppy and if you don't cut straight then the saw can cut at an angle, giving a cheese wedge look to the cut.