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A small saw operated by one hand.


(Tools) any saw for use in one hand only



any common saw with a handle at one end for manual operation with one hand.
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Noun1.handsaw - a saw used with one hand for cutting woodhandsaw - a saw used with one hand for cutting wood
back saw, backsaw - a handsaw that is stiffened by metal reinforcement along the upper edge
compass saw - a handsaw with a narrow triangular blade for cutting curves
coping saw - a handsaw with a taut thin blade; used for cutting small curves in wood
crosscut handsaw, crosscut saw, cutoff saw - handsaw that cuts at right angles to the grain (or major axis)
keyhole saw - a handsaw with a long narrow blade for cutting short radius curves; similar to a compass saw
pruning saw - a handsaw used for pruning trees
ripsaw, splitsaw - a handsaw for cutting with the grain of the wood
saw - hand tool having a toothed blade for cutting


[ˈhændˌsɔː] nsega a mano
References in classic literature ?
The chief tragic event of the old man's life, so far as I could judge, was his mishap with a certain goose, which lived and died some twenty or forty years ago: a goose of most promising figure, but which, at table, proved so inveterately tough, that the carving-knife would make no impression on its carcase, and it could only be divided with an axe and handsaw.
Wagon rides ($3 for adults; $2 for children 12 and younger) leave every hour on weekends for fields of Douglas, noble, Nordmann and grand firs; handsaws, shaker, baler and twine are provided.
The energy company's gift allowed the teaching staff at Ysgol Pwll Coch to buy new equipment such as small folding handsaws, jerrycans, secateurs and ropes to help enhance the children's experience during the lessons.
Once Reshma finally got their attention, the crews ordered the cranes and bulldozers to immediately stop work and used handsaws and welding and drilling equipment to cut through the iron rod and debris still trapping her.
They used handsaws, electric saws, and cutting tools to free her, while using sweets to distract her.
It also raised a few eyebrows with a construction worker-themed toy including shovels, handsaws and a broom - and three crates of what looked like beer.
manufacturer of handsaw blades and handsaws for the meat and fishing industries.
The Coast Guard seized two Chinese ships and sailors aboard, as Chinese fishermen fought back against the raid with knives and handsaws.
Alun, 18, from, Nantlle, near Caernarfon, won the Silky Fox Handsaws Award for being the student showing the best endeavour while studying countryside management at Coleg Glynllifon.
I banished handsaws from my tool bucket because with all the power saws I own, they seemed so yesterday.
Firefighters with handsaws rescued four people from a house in Chingford, North East London, that had been hit by a tree.
Marco said Pan then used circular saws and handsaws to dismember the body before buying cement to use in entombing Cui's remains, which had been cut into seven pieces and placed in two garage bags.