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adj. hand·som·er, hand·som·est
a. Pleasing in form or appearance, especially having strong or distinguished features: a handsome man; a woman with a handsome face.
b. Having stately or attractive proportions or appearance; impressive: a handsome manor; a sleek, handsome car. See Synonyms at beautiful.
2. Large in amount or measure; generous or considerable: a handsome reward; won by a handsome margin.
3. Marked by or requiring skill or dexterity: did some handsome maneuvers on the skating rink.
4. Appropriate or fitting: a handsome location for the new school.

[Middle English handsom, handy : hand, hand (from Old English) + -som, n. suff.; see -some1.]

hand′some·ly adv.
hand′some·ness n.
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Noun1.handsomeness - the quality of having regular well-defined features (especially of a man)
beauty - the qualities that give pleasure to the senses
سَخاء، وسامَه
hezký vzhled
pekný vzhľad


(= good looks)gutes Aussehen; (of animal, thing)Schönheit f; (= elegance)Eleganz f; (= imposing nature)Stattlichkeit f
(= generosity, of profit, return, increase, salary) → Ansehnlichkeit f; (of reward)Großzügigkeit f


(ˈhӕnsəm) adjective
1. (usually of men) good-looking. a handsome prince.
2. very large; generous. He gave a handsome sum of money to charity.
ˈhandsomely adverb
ˈhandsomeness noun
References in classic literature ?
She stopped a yard from her boy and made two or three admiring exclamations over his manly stature and general handsomeness, and Tom put an arm under his head and hoisted a leg over the sofa back in order to look properly indifferent.
It was fresh--the smoke-curing had just begun--and, save for the closed eyes, all the sullen handsomeness and animal virility of the boy, as Joan had known it, was still to be seen in the monstrous thing that twisted and dangled in the eddying smoke.
She loved that sullen handsomeness that made him look so boyish, and, laughing and kissing him, she forced him into a chair, got off his coat, and unbuttoned shirt and undershirt and turned them in.
Where his actor-politician father is known for being muscular, stiff and a little intimidating, Shwarzeneggar possesses a gentler, more wholesome brand of handsomeness.
Tom may lack the elan of the late, lamented Matthew, but his solid warmth, coupled with Leech's helpful handsomeness, make him a worthy Downton leading man.
As you see, I nearly managed to be the first person to interview Paolo and not mention his handsomeness, but now he has gone and done it (sort of).
In it he admits "I do not bring handsomeness to the table" but adds: "I specialise in humour.
His role as the prosecutor Herr Rolfe, employs a number of characteristics that define his image: a sharp intelligence, confidence, an intensity that is both disciplined yet emotional, and, not least, a sculpted handsomeness.
In the photo, Eduardo smiled out bravely at the world, his hair jet black, his eyes light brown and his very handsomeness brought sunlight into the room.
Miles curled his lips upward without achieving a smile; he had perfected this expression, which displayed a handsomeness bereft of its customary warmth, during the last several months.
gazine winner pro by ol to a ed all They liked his "trim suits and narrow ties" added: "With his ever-present stubble and tousled just-hair, he may not be the refined guy on the court - this is what makes him out from the manufactured handsomeness of competitors.
Robocop" is a 1987 film by director Paul Verhoeven and staring Peter Weller at the peak of his handsomeness in a role that made the most of his limited acting range.