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Adj.1.handstitched - sewn by hand rather than machine
hand-crafted, handmade - made by hand or a hand process; "delicate handmade baby dresses"
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In fact, he probably handstitched and printed himself.
The bride stunned in a bespoke princess-style gown complete with handstitched pearls and full organza skirt.
As a luxury sportscar, the cabin is a splendid place to be, plenty of highquality, bespoke switchgear - McLaren don't do off the shelf - and, handstitched leather on the seats, door casing, dashboard, and centre console.
Each of her six drawings was handstitched on top of the fabric.
Borrelli shirts are hand stiched and amongst the finest in the world, some lines being majorly handstitched.
2,500 Number of crystals which were handstitched on to dressPS2.
For instance, every one of our products is entirely handstitched, meaning that as a product gets older a worn or snagged stitch doesn't mean an entire seam will fail like machine stitching, and we design all of our work so it can be maintained and repaired.
Goods should be "factory-free", with items like wooden cufflinks and handstitched baby bibs already on sale from across the globe.
Caption: Loloi: Loloi's Dorado collection from India features an intriguing combination of handstitched authentic cowhide and handwoven viscose for a bold look.
An exhibition of handstitched embroideries created by the artist.
Steele: "The detailing of this looks handdrawn, but it's actually handstitched in this delicate tracery.
The bridal gown was made of silk cocoon with a very pale blush lining and hardly any beading, but with handstitched appliques made from five different kinds of lace.