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Adj.1.handstitched - sewn by hand rather than machine
hand-crafted, handmade - made by hand or a hand process; "delicate handmade baby dresses"
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BEDWOOD She also makes leather handstitched notepad and iPad covers which I think will go down well in the corporate sector," Jess says.
The abaya features more than 200,000 painstakingly handstitched threads in 14 carat white gold and is embellished with an intricate flower pattern.
Either she died, or said 'I can't do any more' or it was the ball and she needed the dress," she says fondly of a black evening frock with masses of tiny handstitched glass pearls across the front but with far fewer on the back.
Carbon fibre detailing, handstitched leather upholstery and a sat-nav system are now fitted as standard along with Bluetooth and cruise control.
Handstitched in sheer black with a fringe skirt and sequinned and beaded adornments in silver, it shimmers and moves with a flick of the hip.
com RI by Roksanda Tara dress, EUR240, available at Debenhams Pearl & Ivy handstitched silk rose fascinator, EUR28.
Inside, there is a wealth of wood and leather, with the design echoing the Vantage model, although handstitched Zagato logos on the headrest mark it out as different.
These are very durabled traditionally-made, handstitched flags using cotton-polyester material.
A sale of items handstitched by the men and women prisoners also took place.
It's imprinted with William Grant & amp; Sons' hallmark and kept in beautifully handstitched, leather-bound cases, which were inspired by William Grant's personal ledgers.
It is a riot of the handstitched leather, top-notch solid wood trim and the thick carpets that we have come to expect from the big cat brand.
A special thanks to Dan Weaver of DW Safety Lights who donated a beautiful handstitched Amish quilt.