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Noun1.handwear - clothing for the handshandwear - clothing for the hands    
article of clothing, clothing, habiliment, wearable, vesture, wear - a covering designed to be worn on a person's body
glove - handwear: covers the hand and wrist
muff - a warm tubular covering for the hands
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FRM is an Osage, Iowa-based producer of knitted technical socks and handwear for the outdoor, athletic, and casual markets.
Now, companies such as Hatch provide versatile handwear suitable for many tasks, including keeping hands warm, protecting from the elements and even offering significant dexterity.
Givori transforms smartphones into luxury handwear by custom building
Handwear shall be used together with other existing uniform products and it is a part of the whole uniform.
The MASS/L-MASS and all components and design features shall be compatible with individual equipment (load-bearing equipment, body armour, headwear, handwear, and footwear/fins) used in combat operations and training.
These include heavy winter shearling flying suits, electrically heated flying suits, other types of flying suits, other items of body clothing like flight jackets and sweaters, headgear, handwear, and footwear, with information on priorities and shortages, insignia, colors, material, and other aspects.
He has taken delivery of a new model of handwear from an Edinburgh based company and says they have already helped him rack up a couple of clean sheets.
Among the topics are the Australian experience of assessing military equipment requirements and capability, color and camouflage, helmets, footwear and handwear, customizing a lightweight bullet-proof vest for the female form, high-performance ballistic protection using polymer nanocomposites, designing load carriage systems for military personnel, and advanced hydration systems for solders as used by the US Army.
It wouldn't warrant a mention now as all keepers don ostentatious handwear as a matter of course.
Two examples of producing operational equipment for SOF in this area are the Miniature Multi-Band Beacon, which is used as a point designator enabling aircraft to deliver ordnance and mark parachute drop zones, and the Extreme Environment HandWear System, which allows operators to use equipment with warm hands in cold climates.
Designed to provide comfort whenever there is a sudden temperature change, Comfortemp is suited for applications in outdoor gear, sportswear, casual wear, footwear, handwear and headwear.