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1. Woven on a hand-operated loom: handwoven rugs.
2. Woven by hand: handwoven baskets.
A fabric or item of clothing woven by hand.


(ˈhændˈwoʊ vən)

woven by hand or on a hand-operated loom: a handwoven sweater; a handwoven tapestry.
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Adj.1.handwoven - made on a handloom; "handwoven tablecloth"
hand-crafted, handmade - made by hand or a hand process; "delicate handmade baby dresses"
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Introduced at High Point Market, the Calvin Klein Home Mesa collection is made of a handwoven jute and bamboo fiber (rayon) blend.
CROWN CRAFTS has entered a letter of intent to sell its handwoven fabrics business Churchill Weavers Inc.
It was billed as a tribute to New York, with urban elegance and ethnic diversity, but was heavy on the boot-leg-cut pants and handwoven shawls and ponchos that were unexpectedly figure-friendly.
Add Muji's Indian cotton handwoven soft rug for a touch of comfort in a room.
Handwoven in India of 100 percent wool, the line is reversible and durable.
The handwoven rugs in the company's collection vary in size and design and range in prices from $1,000 to $200,000, Funk said, leading the company to a mission to work with both retailers and designer clients throughout the United States.
The Hitchcock Christmas chair is based on a 200-year-old design noted for its handwoven rush seat and painted to order by New England folk artist Lori Skolik with a different design each year.
Naomi was first - stepping out in a stunning handwoven lace dress that took 14 Sicilian women four months to make.
He launched the Aloysius brand using indigenous handwoven fabrics for high-profile personalities in society and the entertainment and music industries.
One of the more well received collections within the brand was Valencia, a line of handwoven jute area rugs in an unusual soumak construction.
The new line features new and vintage Kuba ceremonial cloth handwoven by women who are escaping from the civil war in the Congo.