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1. Woven on a hand-operated loom: handwoven rugs.
2. Woven by hand: handwoven baskets.
A fabric or item of clothing woven by hand.


(ˈhændˈwoʊ vən)

woven by hand or on a hand-operated loom: a handwoven sweater; a handwoven tapestry.
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Adj.1.handwoven - made on a handloom; "handwoven tablecloth"
hand-crafted, handmade - made by hand or a hand process; "delicate handmade baby dresses"
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com brings handwoven textiles created by artisan weavers and other luxury goods to online shoppers worldwide.
The Palm Line collection came into being when he realised how traditional Emirati craftswomen have used the dry leaves of palm trees to create handwoven objects, such as colourful mats to serve food on the floor.
The sanctions were] the last straw for handwoven Persian carpets, which were already on their death bed," said another exporter.
Shahryar cited the export of fine handwoven carpets to Europe and the US as other capacities of the provincial traders and said East Azarbaijan houses about 80 colleges and universities.
Made from handwoven polypropylene, it simply wipes clean.
In addition to this, traditional handwoven baskets and utensils are also very popular not only in the rural but also in the urban areas of Sindh and Punjab.
The Mayan Store's rugs are handwoven by master weavers in Momostenango, Guatemala, and about 20 designs, including geometrics, graphic patterns and stripes, will debut.
Gary, who is also an artist, has created 11 handwoven sculptures of local wildlife associated with the towns they are found in across Northumberland.
These trendy chairs would add a touch of chic to any garden These trendy chairs would add a touch of chic to any garden These trendy chairs would add a touch of chic to any garden These trendy chairs would add a touch of chic to any garden Lacko chair with arm rests PS35 from Ikea THis handwoven plastic rattan chair looks like the real thing but is more durable for outdoor use.
HANDWOVEN (Mark Johnston) HANDWOVEN has not won in 21 starts now, and was a beaten favourite at Brighton at the lowest level.
Supporting acts like the velvet stool and chair, cashmere covered chest and mirrored nesting tables deliver strong performances, while eye-candy extras such as the handwoven rug, voluptuous vase and whimsical wall art competently carry through the powder blue storyline.
Faces of Tradition portrays these elders along with their captivating, handwoven creations, and takes the reader on an extraordinary tour.