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or hand wringing  (hănd′rĭng′ĭng)
1. Clasping and squeezing of the hands, often in distress.
2. An excessive expression of distress: handwringing by some experts over the state of the economy.

hand′wring′er, hand wringer n.


a person who wrings the hands often as a display of worry or upset
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But despite what old handwringer Hugh Keevins might tell you, Hazard was guilty of none of the above.
2) He was no handwringer, and believed in getting to the point.
Both models posit an active public administrator, not the passive handwringer sometimes depicted by those who criticize or even caricature the bureaucracy.
Instead of paying $230 for a hand washer plus another $130 for a good handwringer plus another $135 for a double rinse tub, I got out the Bargain Mart again and found a Maytag wringer/washer and a double rinse tub -- $75 for both
If you're a handwringer, the answer may be no, warns LeCount Davis, a certified financial planner and president of Financial Services Network in Washington, D.
The police could handle this deplorable situation in less than a month, but the handwringers who run the city can't summon the courage to protect the people they were elected to serve.
This was especially true if the advice was coming from handwringers who were more worried about negative reactions than doing the right thing.
Veteran Steven Thompson has no truck with the handwringers who fear Hearts kids face burn-out.
unless the handwringers are prepared to cry over London and Coventry and other British cities which came under savage attack night after night from German bombers.
Leading the charge of the handwringers was the Chief Constable of West Midlands Police, Chris Sims.
And that is, despite what the handwringers and the guardians of the public morals say, you can't really learn anything from Amy's premature passing other than some young people - and quite a few middle-aged ones come to that - will always live and die in a way that baffles and perplexes others.