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tr.v. hand·wrote (-rōt′), hand·writ·ten (-rĭt′n), hand·writ·ing, hand·writes
To write by hand.

[Back-formation from handwritten.]


vb (tr) , -writes, -writing, -wrote or -written
(Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) to write by hand rather than by typing or printing



v.t. -wrote, -writ•ten, -writ•ing.
to write (something) by hand.
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Verb1.handwrite - write by hand; "You should handwrite the note to your guests"
write - communicate or express by writing; "Please write to me every week"
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Taking time to handwrite a note to a customer is hard to ignore, and it can make a lasting and meaningful impression that could mean the difference between earning customer loyalty -- or not," Teboul says.
Handwriting Dato and Handwrite Note Free, for example, are designed to store and catalog handwritten notes.
com)-- Kairos Venture Group, LLC, Publishing Series, publisher of the popular book, Handwrite for Cash: Firsthand Advice from Write On Results, has launched a new website.