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also han·ky  (hăng′kē)
n. pl. han·kies Informal
A handkerchief.


(ˈhæŋkɪ) or


n, pl hankies
(Clothing & Fashion) informal short for handkerchief


or han•kie

(ˈhæŋ ki)

n., pl. -kies.
a handkerchief.



short for handkerchief.
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Noun1.hanky - a square piece of cloth used for wiping the eyes or nose or as a costume accessoryhanky - a square piece of cloth used for wiping the eyes or nose or as a costume accessory
bandana, bandanna - large and brightly colored handkerchief; often used as a neckerchief
piece of cloth, piece of material - a separate part consisting of fabric
pocket-handkerchief - a handkerchief that is carried in a pocket


hankie [ˈhæŋki] n (= handkerchief) → mouchoir m


[ˈhæŋkɪ] n (fam) (handkerchief) → fazzoletto
References in classic literature ?
Just as soon as I put away my hanky I see you brimming up and that starts me off again.
On an excursion into Working Men's land, the MC proudly introduced them as Big Jack Bradley and the Hanky Panky Boys.
But Ruth quickly added: "Doctor says no hanky panky and no strong exercise.
The hanky code originated in the western United States during the Gold Rush and early logging days.
We implemented what we call 'adaptive reuse' and worked around the old houses, whose look gives the place its distinctive appeal," says Innovoterra Properties chair Hanky Lee.
Three of them came up with the same price and Red Spotted Hanky were the dearest of all, nearly PS40 more.
This prompted Brenda to buy herself a yellow-fringed souvenir hanky of Woburn Abbey a few months later.
The death knell for the fabric hanky was in America where facial tissues were marketed as cold-cream removers.
I've been lucky to ride quality horses like Imperial Monarch and Masterofthehounds and last year I rode out the fillies Snow Queen and Hanky Panky.
There wasn't an episode in the last series that didn't have me sobbing into a damp hanky.
Naturally, nowadays there wouldn't be a heck of a lot of panky going on there; the only bit of hanky being the knotted one on Ken's head if it were a summer-time affair.