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(Currencies) a monetary unit of Vietnam, worth one tenth of a dông



a monetary unit of Vietnam, equal to 1/10 of a dong.
[1945–50; < Vietnamese hào]
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Noun1.hao - 10 hao equal 1 dong in Vietnam
Vietnamese monetary unit - monetary unit in Vietnam
dong - the basic unit of money in Vietnam
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Is there any lagoon with an entrance anywhere nearer than Hao Island?
Konig, surreptitiously consulting chart and binnacle, and McCoy, openly and innocently consulting the binnacle, knew that they were running for Hao Island.
We won't make Hao until ten or eleven," Captain Davenport complained at seven in the morning, when the fleeting promise of the sun had been erased by hazy cloud masses in the eastern sky.
This is the second day without observations, and we should have sighted Hao Island yesterday morning.
We are forty miles beyond Hao Island, and the wind is in our teeth.
Hao said the army is conducting an investigation into the incident what includes looking into the mental state of the soldier before the incident took place.
Hao was so convinced by the idea, he promptly sold his business and moved up from Dorset with wife Lucy and son Matthew to look for suitable locations.
The RMB 500 million investment came from Merrysunny Wealth as well as several other institutional and individual investors," Hao said.
Xu Hao also hinted that the new release marks the company's shift from a pure utility product to a more user-centric and content focused product.
When it happens, Hao says, he will feel nothing but joy for the player he once coached.
Hao says that Kinbull is in the market for a distributor with the ability to operate across the region.