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 (hou′lē, -lā)
n. Hawaii
A white person. Sometimes used disparagingly.

[Hawaiian, foreign, foreigner.]


(Peoples) Caribbean a person who is White
(Peoples) Caribbean relating to a person who is White


(ˈhaʊ li, -leɪ)

n., pl. -les.
usage: haole is usually considered to be a neutral descriptive term. However, it is sometimes used with disparaging intent, arising from a distrust of foreigners or outsiders.
Sometimes Disparaging. (a term used in Hawaii to refer to a white person.)
[1835–45; < Hawaiian: white person, (earlier) foreigner]
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Melissa Haole, Marketing Manager Catherine Baker, Marketing Administrator
Haole executives were staunch Republicans (Lujan, 1960: 81-87).
Alban's had been intended for haole (White) boys, but Iolani College was intended for Hawaiians and part Hawaiians.
The area is a lush rain forest, resplendent with flora very foreign looking to this haole boy.
A small number even gave public support to a policy of open access to opium by any group, including the Hawaiians, and there is evidence during this period that such access, along with access to alcohol, was a growing symbolic issue among the native Hawaiians--a reaction against their perceiving the haole establishment as treating them as "children.
I soon learned, however, that hapa, from hapa haole or half-white in Hawaiian, was my mixed race category between categories of race in America.
Hawaii's haole barons exhibited their prosperity much more ostentatiously, in this case with a Mediterranean monstrosity that today is mocked by the natural majesty of Haleakala, which rises high above it.
He bucked the haole elite and championed the underdog; both newspapers went broke.
220) The plaintiffs and defendants in the cases reported in this volume are overwhelmingly haole (Caucasian).
8) The haole elite was self-consciously proud of race relations in Hawaii, especially in contrast to those on the mainland.
At the Royal Hawaiian, he developed the hapa haole sound, which translates to "half-white.