happy medium

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happy medium

a course or state that avoids extremes

hap′py me′dium

الحَل الوَسَط الأفْضَل، الوسط السَّعيد
střední cesta
den gyldne middelvej
stredná cesta
orta yol

happy medium

ngiusta via di mezzo


(ˈhӕpi) adjective
1. having or showing a feeling of pleasure or contentment. a happy smile; I feel happy today.
2. willing. I'd be happy to help you.
3. lucky. By a happy chance I have the key with me.
ˈhappiness noun
ˈhappily adverb
The child smiled happily; Happily, (= Fortunately,) she arrived home safely.
ˌhappy-go-ˈlucky adjective
not worrying about what might happen. cheerful and happy-go-lucky.
happy medium
a sensible middle course between two extreme positions. I need to find the happy medium between starving and over-eating.
References in classic literature ?
The happy medium for stump-clearing is the lord of all beasts, who is the elephant.
I endeavoured to hit a happy medium between these two extremes; my aunt approved the result; and Mr.
Knightley `no;' and Miss Bates and I that he is just the happy medium.
Between the purely physical rykor and the purely mental kaldane there was little choice; but in the happy medium of normal, and imperfect man, as she knew him, lay the most desirable state of existence.
There is a happy medium to be found between giving the right advice and trying to cream as much as you can from providing bad advice.
And the Bairns ace reckons they might resort to backing one son each as a happy medium.
I get invited to so many events, it would cost me a fortune to have to wear expensive designer labels every time I go out, so Self Portrait is a happy medium for me.
Merrill; A Happy Medium by Freddie Milano; Bait by Isabelle Drake; Bloody Line by Carolyn Haven; Devil's in the Well by Harley Easton; A Ferocious Blossom by Marie Piper; Kissing Summer by Megan Hart; If I Only Knew By Genevieve Williams; Animals by Sue Ayers; Dogs of War by Andrew Robertson; The Music Man by Kimberlie L.
Caption: What's the happy medium between full-house competition controls and WWII-era ergonomics?
Labour needs to understand (like many of those who have left the party) that we, as working class people, alone cannot afford to fund the NHS, Benefits, Social Care and so on without income from these huge employers both from a wages and a corporation tax point of view so there has to be a happy medium to keep these companies in the UK - or we will sink.
The gowns had a lot to do with finding a happy medium between fantasy and wedding as well,' Lee described the shoot to the news outlet.
The theme is one of friendship, giving and taking and finding that happy medium.