happy medium

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happy medium

a course or state that avoids extremes

hap′py me′dium

الحَل الوَسَط الأفْضَل، الوسط السَّعيد
střední cesta
den gyldne middelvej
stredná cesta
orta yol

happy medium

ngiusta via di mezzo


(ˈhӕpi) adjective
1. having or showing a feeling of pleasure or contentment. a happy smile; I feel happy today.
2. willing. I'd be happy to help you.
3. lucky. By a happy chance I have the key with me.
ˈhappiness noun
ˈhappily adverb
The child smiled happily; Happily, (= Fortunately,) she arrived home safely.
ˌhappy-go-ˈlucky adjective
not worrying about what might happen. cheerful and happy-go-lucky.
happy medium
a sensible middle course between two extreme positions. I need to find the happy medium between starving and over-eating.
References in classic literature ?
The happy medium for stump-clearing is the lord of all beasts, who is the elephant.
Knightley `no;' and Miss Bates and I that he is just the happy medium.
Between the purely physical rykor and the purely mental kaldane there was little choice; but in the happy medium of normal, and imperfect man, as she knew him, lay the most desirable state of existence.
I endeavoured to hit a happy medium between these two extremes; my aunt approved the result; and Mr.
Surely there must be a happy medium between placing a toddler on the handlebars of a scooter and denying children the freedom to roam and discover that is essential to their development.
Sessegnon, so far at least, appears to be a happy medium.
It is good to find a happy medium, though, so try bringing it down a notch and make your gestures more spontaneous or surprise her more.
Riverside will give artists another option in relation to venue size, providing a well-needed happy medium in comparison to some of Newcastle's smaller 300-capacity venues, or larger venues such as the O2 Academy.
But there is a happy medium that can be traversed, and they will need to reassess their approach if they drop into the bottom division.
You don't want to be too overconfident either because that, too, can be dangerous so you've got to find the happy medium.
It provides a happy medium in its focus on high-quality early childhood education and provides essays that help teachers reflect on the pros and cons of various educational options.
He added: "To keep colds at bay, a brisk daily walk should help - it's all about finding a happy medium.