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 (hăp′tĕn′) also hap·tene (-tēn′)
A small molecule that reacts with a specific antibody but does not induce an immune response unless bound to a larger molecule, usually a protein.

[German : Greek haptein, to fasten + German -en, noun suffix (from Greek -ēnē, -ene).]

hap·ten′ic adj.


(ˈhæptən) or


(Physiology) immunol an incomplete antigen that can stimulate antibody production only when it is chemically combined with a particular protein
[C20: from German, from Greek haptein to fasten]


(ˈhæp tɛn)

also hap•tene


a substance that reacts with antibodies but cannot by itself stimulate more antibodies; a partial antigen.
[1920–25; < German < Greek hápt(ein) to grasp + German -en -ene]
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Purification of prostate-specific antigen from human serum by indirect immunosorption and elution with a hapten.
ANTICALINS(R) are engineered receptor proteins with antibody-like functions, which are derived from natural human lipocalin scaffolds, a class of proteins designed by nature to have many different protein and hapten binding functions.
In addition, Hapten Sciences is planning a multiple ascending dose study in individuals that are sensitive to poison ivy.
In the sensitization phase, the first contact of the skin with a hapten leads to binding of the hapten to an endogenous protein in the skin where they form immunogenic hapten-carrier complexes.
The press release explained that RXi would license a skin-treatment compound from Manhattan-based Hapten Pharmaceuticals.
com)-- The New York based Biotech Company - Creative Diagnostics has begun a dedicated promotion for its 2,000 antigen products, including Viral Antigens, Bacterial Antigens, Fungal Antigens, Parasitic Antigens, Immunoglobulin, Hapten, Cardiac Biomarkers and others on a 10% off basis towards the worldwide market.
antibodies) very unlikely because of steric hindrance that occurs following binding of a hapten to one binding protein.
Plea Not (Penicillium notatum) from Terra Medica is great for all staph and strep infections, as is the hapten Pleo San Staph.
vasculitis include conversion of PTU into cytotoxic products by the release of myeloperoxidase from neutrophil granules, (13) activation of B cells by immunogenic T cells in the presence of myeloperoxidase, (14) and interaction of PTU with myeloperoxidase that changes the heme structure of enzymes, which then act as hapten.
Flucloxacillin binds covalently to selective lysine residues on albumin to form a hapten.
Limited quantitative hapten inhibition studies carried out on a small serum sample from a subject with "suspected narcotic allergy" showed marked IgE antibody reactivity with morphine, pethidine and fentanyl (124).
The effects of DNCB can be explained by hapten induction of the normal immune system.