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n. (used with a singular or plural verb)
1. The use of the sense of touch, especially in social interactions or in interfaces between humans and computers.
2. The study of such activity.

[Adaptation (using the suffix -ics), of Modern Latin hapticē, from Greek haptikē, feminine of haptikos, relating to the form haptesthai, to grasp, touch, of unknown origin.]


the scientific study of the sense of touch
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9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Haptics are an essential feature of the user experience (UX) platform in many electronic products today.
com)-- The Haptics technology is an interface between the user and the connected device that provides tactile feedback and force feedback to the users through the sense of touch by applying vibrations, forces and motion to the users.
According to the report, Immersion is the only technology provider in the market that has a broad range of patents related to haptics.
The TopCoder challenge series will center on the convergence of haptics, virtual reality and 3D printing to create a digital thread that opens up new worlds of human-machine interaction.
In addition, haptics offer designers flexibility to create unique, highly customized interior design throughout the car, in many cases at a lower cost than implementing similar capabilities through mechanical equivalents.
Haptics (that is, tactilo-kinesthetic perception) plays a key role in our cognitive and perceptual development (Hatwell, Streri, & Gentaz, 2003).
Washington, August 09 (ANI): A new tactile technology has been developed at Disney Research, Pittsburgh (DRP) dubbed Surround Haptics that will send shivers down your spine.
The company said that as touchscreens become the industry standard interface for portable and consumer devices, its investments become increasingly relevant to manufacturers, including smartphone and tablet OEMs, looking to enhance their devices through haptics.
The wider use of haptics in touch-screen devices is having a dramatic impact in the electronics industry, says Mike Levin, vice president of Immersion Corp.
Uk Haptics is a pioneering North company which specialises in developing medical training products using virtual reality technology.
An Overview of Haptics Research at MIT's AI Lab, The First Phantom user's Group Workshop, pp.
Several authors have explored the idea of haptic representation of spatial objects, including Griffin (2001), who includes a basic taxonomy for spatial representation through haptics, and Andrews (1983) who explores the use of haptic textures to replace two-dimensional density shading for interpretation of areal fills for categorical data.