harbor master

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har′bor mas`ter

an official who supervises operations in a harbor area and administers its rules.
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Billington could give me, so I went down to the port and saw the coastguards, the Customs Officers and the harbor master, who kindly put me in communication with the men who had actually received the boxes.
Contract award: project management contract for the redevelopment of the area around the harbor master crouesty.
Portland Harbor's deputy harbor master says the containers will be disassembled and scrapped, AP reported.
Following the presentation and lunch, as part of the visit, the members were taken on a tour of the Port, which included a visit to the berth, the general cargo sheds, the passenger terminal and Harbor Master security tower.
Angelo retired at 55 and enjoyed summers at Wellfleet, serving as harbor master for many years.
The vessel, touted as the first of its kind in the Caribbean, was designed by the harbor master and built by local craftsmen she said.
Northern Harbors & Small Ports by harbor master and port director Alan Sorum (Valdez, Alaska) is an informed and informative documentation of the day-to-day operation and long-term maintenance of the harbors of the northern regions of Alaska.
Harbor Master Glenn Gavin of the Newbury, Massachusetts Harbor Patrol stated, "Our number one goal is to protect the public from any potential internal or external threats across our waterways.
SEH([R])) with a Merit Award for the firm's "Tower Harbor Master Plan and Design Standards" project.
Fifty miles down the coast, the harbor master at Marina del Rey reported a light, 7 mph breeze at midday, a far cry from conditions at his Conejo Valley home.
The North Coast Harbor Master Plan model and drawings will be publicly displayed throughout the Cleveland area during the next year.