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An officer who oversees and enforces the regulations of a harbor.
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Vessel crews have come to the Harbormaster s office with complaints of this lack of basic service.
WEST BROOKFIELD - Harbormaster Joseph Borlikoski told selectmen last night there is no need to have a certified harbormaster or spend a lot of money to upgrade his job of overseeing boating and swimming activities on Lake Wickaboag, off Route 9.
A serviceable little mystery set on Martha's Vineyard, this features the detective talents of 92-year-old Victoria Trumbull, aided by her granddaughter Elizabeth and the harbormaster, Domingo.
Additional detachments: weather, harbormaster, dive and cargo documentation detachments, are also required.
My permit was denied by the harbormaster who said the goo was too environment toxic.
It's a different culture than the overboard pumping of sewage," says Ed Barrett, harbormaster of Port of Friday Harbor in northwest Washington and vice president of the Pacific Coast Congress of Harbormasters and Port Managers.
net, a leading provider of web-to-wireless remote control for machine-to-machine communications, together with Beacon Wireless Solutions, which designs, manufactures and distributes a line of high quality marine safety products, today announced that Beacon Wireless' flagship product -- the HarborMaster Mark II(TM) -- a wireless monitoring and security system complete with web integration technology, will employ Aeris.
PHOTO (1) Channel Islands Harbormaster Jack Peveler searches along the beach in Oxnard on Monday for signs of missing canoeist Scott Sullenger.
I duck below when the Coast Guard appears and again as the harbormaster steers us into port.
We're happy we could get the pier back open by this busy holiday weekend," says Harbormaster Doug Oudin.
The pump station is where all city vehicles fuel and as such the cost will be shared by the general fund and the water, sewer, and harbormaster enterprises as follows: Water Division - 12.