hard core

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hard core

1. The most dedicated, unfailingly loyal faction of a group or organization: the hard core of the separatist movement.
2. An intractable core or nucleus of a society, especially one that is stubbornly resistant to improvement or change.

hard core

1. (Sociology) the members of a group or movement who form an intransigent nucleus resisting change
2. (Civil Engineering) material, such as broken bricks, stones, etc, used to form a foundation for a road, paving, building, etc
3. (of pornography) describing or depicting sexual acts in explicit detail
4. extremely committed or fanatical: a hard-core Communist.

hard′ core′

1. the permanent, dedicated, and faithful nucleus of a group or movement, as of a political party.
2. the part of a group that is resistant to change.
3. a form of punk rock played in an intense, harsh, fast style with more emphasis on rhythm than on melody.


1. unswervingly committed; uncompromising: a hard-core conservative.
2. pruriently explicit; graphically depicted: hard-core pornography.
3. being so without apparent change or remedy; chronic: hard-core unemployment.
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Noun1.hard core - the most dedicated and intensely loyal nucleus of a group or movement
clique, coterie, ingroup, inner circle, camp, pack - an exclusive circle of people with a common purpose
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Saitek will meet this demand with new products that enhance the gaming experience with a degree of reality that will satisfy even the most hard core gamer.
TIRF, an independent road safety institute, conducted the survey as the last phase of a comprehensive three-year study, "Stopping The Revolving Door: DWI System Improvements For Dealing With Hard Core Drinking Drivers.
com article, "As Drunken Driving Deaths Drop, Concerns Remain," focused on the need to increase legislative attention on the hard core drinking driver.
For designers of sophisticated SOCs, the 20Kc hard core doesn't merely deliver high performance; it also delivers on the other characteristics that are so vital to embedded applications, such as low system power, low overall system cost and fast time to market.
A MIPS foundry hard core, which can be dropped into an SOC or ASIC design, allows them to get to market faster, lower development costs and reduce risk.
As part of its effort to reduce the barriers to entry to fabless semiconductor companies -- especially in Taiwan -- MIPS Technologies today also introduced the MIPS64(TM) 5Kc(TM) hard core as part of its broad 32- and 64-bit foundry hard core offerings that are optimized for TSMC's 0.
With the integration of Havok's Hard Core Physics Engine, characters and objects interacting in an Adobe Atmosphere "world" will have highly realistic physics, similar to many of today's most sophisticated video games.
A panel of judges selected the entries from Lakamp, Levs and Homayonpour, respectively, from among dozens of news stories submitted by fellow journalists that focused on public policy solutions to better deal with special challenges posed by teen drivers and hard core drinking drivers.
The three families -- the Nios(TM) soft core embedded processor, the ARM(R)-based hard core embedded processor, and the MIPS(R)-based hard core embedded processor -- offer the flexibility of processor cores with the integration of RAM and programmable logic for SOPC applications.
Contract notice: C4555c1090 - design, supply and installation of control command new hard core 32 nuclear units cpy + bugey.
The IGP Nasir Khan Durrani after assuming the charge of his office established CTD in October 2013 to bring harmony in its action against the hard core criminals.
PESHAWAR -- Three more zones of Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) have been established throughout the province with immediate effect on the directives of Inspector General of Police Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Nasir Khan Durrani The IGP Nasir Khan Durrani after assuming the charge of his office established CTD in October 2013 against the hard core criminals.