hard steel

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Noun1.Hard steel - steel with more than 0.3% carbonhard steel - steel with more than 0.3% carbon  
steel - an alloy of iron with small amounts of carbon; widely used in construction; mechanical properties can be varied over a wide range
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Those who have never had a bit in their mouths cannot think how bad it feels; a great piece of cold hard steel as thick as a man's finger to be pushed into one's mouth, between one's teeth, and over one's tongue, with the ends coming out at the corner of your mouth, and held fast there by straps over your head, under your throat, round your nose, and under your chin; so that no way in the world can you get rid of the nasty hard thing; it is very bad
When she paid the coachman she took her money out of a hard steel purse, and she kept the purse in a very jail of a bag which hung upon her arm by a heavy chain, and shut up like a bite.
Round went the busily revolving machinery, kept in motion by the scissor-grinder's foot, and wore away the hard steel against the hard stone, whence issued an intense and spiteful prolongation of a hiss as fierce as those emitted by Satan and his compeers in Pandemonium, though squeezed into smaller compass.
Tenders are invited for Various sizes of Hard Steel plates
Skinner gear is all crafted of cold, hard steel and brass, right here in the good ol' US of A.
To fix the then-high point of impact, I filed a hard steel washer to shape and silver-soldered a wedge of it to the top of my Vaqueros front sight, being careful to maintain the bond between the original blade and the barrel.
And no anger either, only the same powerless feeling you get when witnessing how nature can fling these tons of hard steel on to the shallows of Lewis.
With a bi-metallic design, Martin Arcoplate combines a smooth and dense chromium carbide-rich metal alloy face plate with a hard steel back plate to resist gouging, erosion, temperature extremes and material buildup.
The minting starts from the dye making process where the artwork is engraved in special hard steel.
SSAB are the pioneers in the supply of hard steel for the transport industry.
Auto Business News-March 2, 2015--Jeep launching Renegade Hard Steel at Geneva Motor Show